P-51D-25-NT "Buzzin Cuzzin"
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Thread: P-51D-25-NT "Buzzin Cuzzin"

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    P-51D-25-NT "Buzzin Cuzzin"

    For those who may be interested, here is a description and imagery of the P-51D-25-NT "Buzzin Cuzzin", as included in Warbirdsim's latest release, "P-51D Restored Part 2".

    Manufactured as 44-84753, this P-51D-25-NT rolled off of the NAA Dallas production line and delivered to the USAAF in June, 1945. It saw service with the 31st FS, 412th FG, a test/evaluation unit lead by famed AVG pilot, Tex Hill. Within this unit, the Mustang's performance was evaluated against military jets that were just coming into development. During this time, the unit was based at March Field, CA, and is now the primary USAF test group at Edwards Air Force Base. In 1951, the aircraft was assigned to the 131st Bomb Squadron of SAC, and following this, was assigned to the Kentucky ANG in 1953. Sold as surplus, the aircraft was registered as N5436V, owned by Robert Rodman, then ownership would pass to Les Grant in 1966, and then to Ted Contri in 1978. In 1987, the aircraft was purchased by famed warbird collector Bob Pond, who registered the aircraft as N251BP, and it was painted in a pseudo-military scheme as "Mighty Moose", operating with the Planes of Fame East museum, in Minnesota. Bernie Jackson would purchase the aircraft in 1998, and would own 44-84753 for the next 12 years. Over this time the aircraft was repainted and became known as "The Vorpel Sword". In 2004 it was decided to fully restore the aircraft, and after it was finished, now in bare metal, Russian stars were applied, making it the first civilian-owned Mustang to sport Russian markings.

    In 2009, a Texas-based group by the name of Cielos LLC, purchased the aircraft, and had it partially overhauled and re-painted at Pacific Fighters, Idaho. With a factory-WWII like appearance - dull bare metal fuselage, and silver painted wings - the aircraft was painted in the authentic markings of Lt. William B. Spengler's personal 78th FG mount, "Buzzin Cuzzin", terminology that was common for the time - "What's buzzin', cousin?. Finished with dual-mounted Spitfire mirrors, just as on the original aircraft, the recreated "Buzzin Cuzzin" was reunited with Bill Spengler at the Planes of Fame Airshow, in 2010.

    (As an extra note - the Spitifre mirrors are mounted in the exact same manner as on the real aircraft, using the exact same mounting brackets (they aren't all the same amongst Mustangs with dual-mirrors added), and from the exterior, you can even clearly see the modeled weld-beads when viewed up-close.)

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