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Thread: ALPHASIM Mirage IV

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    ALPHASIM Mirage IV

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    Description: Work on a supersonic bomber able to carry a nuclear bomb started in France in 1956 as part of the development of France's independent nuclear deterrent. In February 1964 deliveries of the Mirage IV to the French Air Force started, with the first French strategic bombing squadron being declared operational on 1 October that year. The Mirage IV had been popular with its crews, which find it enjoyable to fly despite its antiquated systems and generally uncomfortable cockpit, and it requires surprisingly little maintenance considering its age and complexity.

    Model by ALPHASIM, airfile converted by Peperez. Nuclear weapons and DP by Nole.


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    Something left out of the documentation is that the original aircraft was made by David Bushell for distribution by Alphasim. There have been several repaints for this aircraft (not sure how well they will work in CFS2 though) by Pierre Lheureux and Michel Merle.

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