FS9 fuel config and drop tanks and tank selectors and all that jazz.
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Thread: FS9 fuel config and drop tanks and tank selectors and all that jazz.

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    FS9 fuel config and drop tanks and tank selectors and all that jazz.

    I am piddling around with the freeware Alphasim P-47s and am working on the fuel config and setting up fuel management pop up windows. Now, I have the drop tanks added to the config files....have separated the Razorback and Bubble Top models into separate aircraft folders. The Razorback has 2 75 gallon drop tanks and the Bubble Top model has 3 75-gallon drop tanks.

    Here's the Fuel section for the Bubble Top:


    //Longitudinal (feet), Lateral (feet), Vertical (feet), Usable(gallons), Unusable (gallons)

    fuel_type = 1
    number_of_tank_selectors = 1
    electric_pump = 1

    Center1 = 0, 0, 0, 305, 0
    Center2 = 0.5, 0, -5.25, 75, 0
    External1 = 0, -11.3, -3.5, 75, 0
    External2 = 0, 11.3, -3.5, 75, 0

    How should this be set up to reflect 3 drop tanks, and what fuel selector would you guys recommend using for this set up? I am currently using the fuel selector from the CFS2 F4U1A Corsair.


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    Mopar Mike came up with a gauge to drop and also remove the fuel from an external tank. We used it in the d ware corsairs and recent tiger cat. Cool to drop the tank.

    We worked up a three tank p 47 a number of years ago but that was not as yet dropable. Not sure that we had gotten sophisticated enough to select each tank at that point.

    Not much help...... Cheers. T

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    Here's what I did as an interim solution for the Bubble Top and its 3 drop tanks:

    I assigned the wing mounted drop tanks as left and right main and the belly drop tank as external 1. Using the CFS2 Corsair fuel selector, I can now select each tank individually. "Main" is the 305 gallon center fuselage tank, "left wing" is the 75 gallon left wing drop tank, "right wing" is the drop tank under the right wing, and "Drop" is the belly mounted drop tank. Not a perfect solution, but it works.

    For the Razorback, I will change the fuel selector to the CFS2 F4F Wildcat selector. It has main, left drop and right drop. How perfect is that?


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