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    RealAir Turbine Duke

    Anyone heard any further updates on release? It seems quite a while since they made their announcment on the upcoming release.


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    I'm really really excited about the turbine duke. Checking their website every day

    Would love to see an update as well.
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    Someone said they heard from Rob from ReaAir and he stated it would be out in Feb.So Hopefully anyday now.I've been checking Their site every hr,The Duke is such a class aircraft,I can't wait!!

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    There may be a lot of us checking regularly. I am not every hour but several times a day.


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    lol yeah Ive been checking their site when I get up, then checking here a few times a day. Really looking foward to this one.
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    Well we missed the cutoff date for the RTW race crowd.
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    I check at least once a day, then my heart sinks if there is nothing

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