Country="USA" Aircraft="3us_spitfire_mkv"
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Thread: Country="USA" Aircraft="3us_spitfire_mkv"

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    Country="USA" Aircraft="3us_spitfire_mkv"

    is there an updated version of this model , maybe i missed it either in eto or maw or what not

    many thanks

    Country="USA" Aircraft="3us_spitfire_mkv"

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    That is the correct model name (m3d) for old AvHist "3us_spitfire_mk_5b"
    which is probably here in the old archives for AvHistory.

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    is there an updated version or one youd refer - updated ,,freeware from eto or wherever


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    If I were you, I'd use the Zuyax/AvH MkVb with one of the USAAF skins I did some time ago.

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    excellent will do /// many tks

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