OZx Releases Liguria 1.1 freeware
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Thread: OZx Releases Liguria 1.1 freeware

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    OZx Releases Liguria 1.1 freeware

    OZx Releases Liguria 1.1 freeware

    After the huge success of version 1.0 there is now a patch available
    from http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/...x-10-11-patch/
    and a new full version from http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/...a-photoreal-x/

    The changes this time around are fixes for the crash problems with the airplane when you
    are taxing inside the airport LIMJ (Airport Cristoforo Colombo of Genova) when you have
    the damage tick into your FSX settings enabled. It also prevents unexpected crashes when
    you are on the runway.

    This is due on how FSX manages the crashes with the airplane, because some objects of
    the scenery (buildings and the reefs in the sea) caused a conflict with this aspect.
    We had to suppress the crash feature for the buildings of the airport, so please keep in
    mind that with this upgrade the airplane canít crash with the buildings inside the
    airport, even with the damage tick enabled.
    [SIGPIC]Vista Australis[/SIGPIC]

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    No problem at all, enjoy and expect more to come within a reasonable amount of time
    [SIGPIC]Vista Australis[/SIGPIC]

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    EGCD...they bulldozed it!
    Thanks JayKae!
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    Thanks again guys for this generous gift!


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