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    Quote Originally Posted by swagler View Post
    Milton Shupe- Thank you. It worked, but confusing. I see a Photo tab and an Attachment popup window in settings. But don't see how to upload/delete/manage in Photo tab or Attachment window, only while creating/editing a post. I see post with large images, rather than thumbnail boxed attachment style, but hey this works, better than displaying both. I lost 3 post attachments by unchecking the thumbnail, viewing after updating post, single image looked good, but the next day all the posts images were gone.

    I notice after 24 hours my post are no longer editable. Is this normal? Or how can I edit an older post to add screenshots?
    Posts cannot be edited after a period of time. Simply post again to add screen shots.

    The unchecked attachments stay on the system and can be seen when you Edit a post, then Manage Attachments to edit posted ones. Just look at the thumbnails above the current list.

    You can delete when editing attachments by putting the cursor over the thumbnail and you will see an "X" in the top right corner of the thumbnail.

    You can also drag and drop attachment from top to bottom or just select them in the top group.

    BTW, thumbnails in posts allow the thread to display faster and doesn't force users to see the full version if they have no interest in that.
    Saves on bandwidth for the site and helps users with slower connection speeds.
    Milton Shupe
    FS9/FSX Modeler Hack

    My Uploads at SOH - Here
    Video Tutorials - Gmax for Beginners

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    Milton Shupe- I think what happened is I used toolbar above post editor to insert image, it created both, I edited unchecking attachment thumbnail and saved. The toolbar image insert must not be synced with attachments.
    I'm attaching image thru bottom attachment area only, unchecking thumbnail, and clicking insert inline. Lets see if it's linked correctly and is not deleted.

    Nope. Tried above, didn't work. If you delete attachment thumbnail after both images are inserted it will remove thumbnail, but regular image will be deleted 1 to 24 hrs as I found out.

    Thanks for helping. I got my screenshots up in boxed attachment style.

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    Hello there!

    Hello! My name is Daniel, I am 44 year-old, private pilot since '96. I live in northern Italy.
    I am writing to thank the people involved in that beautiful C47 add on project
    I am flying around South America in my IVAO tours with this gorgeous bird!
    Kind regards!

    Daniel Sinico.

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    Welcome to the Outhouse, Daniel!
    Any questions or comments are always welcome.
    We do try to avoid offending people, but sometimes it can wind up unavoidable. Just be gentle

    Fly Free, always!
    Sgt of Marines
    USMC, 10 years proud service.
    Inactive now...

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    Icon26 pilot2017 saying greetings!!


    I am glad to be here. I have been a flight simmer since 2008 in FS2004 and still faithful to the sim. I live in Oklahoma City and a former forklift driver 45yrs old male.

    I don't yet have CFS2 and I saw the site kind of supports FS2004 which caught my attention. Very nice warbird collection for FS2004.

    About my FS2004 Add-Ons:

    Payware from FSPilotshop and PMDG
    PMDG 737
    Skydecks 737NG v3.15 panel
    Zinertek Ultimate Airport and World Environment 2012
    FsPassengers (from fspassengers.com)
    Captain Sim Legendary 727
    Overland Boeing
    TweakFPS for FS2004
    PSS Boeing 777 Professional (from blackbox website on sale)
    FSceneX North/South America
    FSGenesis World buffer Mesh and FSGenesis 153m North America Mesh
    Carenado 182RGII and Carenado 152 w/Skis (my favorite props)

    Freeware: too many to name.

    Flight simulation is not the only thing I enjoy. I have a radio hobby. It involves software defined radio, SDR for short. SDR has a very unique ability most conventional radios cannot do because of their very limited IF bandpass and that is ADS-B mode S viewing. ADS-B is a addition to the transponder on aircraft that can transmit plane LAT/LON, heading, airspeed, altitude, callsign, and aircraft ICAO. Also monitoring voice vhf/uhf air traffic. Delta Airlines terminal operates a UHF 460mhz repeater at KOKC I can hear. MY SDR is the low cost RTL-
    SDR. So my hobby goes hand in hand with my flight sim hobby. It even helped me have a better gist of how flightaware gets a large chunk of it's air traffic on a map.

    My RTL-SDR devices in use are:
    NooElec NESDR Smart
    Flightaware Pro Stick (orange).

    RTL1090 for ADS-B
    HDSDR for terrestrial radio and data monitoring.
    Unitrunker for monitoring local police using both dongles.

    I like to make friends in the sim hobby. Looks to me like this is a very polite and kind community with plenty of knowledge to share and I want to reciprocate. I am very happy to be here.

    Other things I enjoy is watching some live streams on Twitch.tv. I am all over the place watching a variety of streamers. I also play other games like Clash Royale and Zen Pinball 6 Star Wars tables on mobile.

    aka simplio on twitch.tv (not a streamer so you know in case we meet there)

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    Hello dear virtual pilots mates !!

    Hello Sim-Outhouse community !

    My name is John "Kalon" HAIST and I'm new to the forums so let me introduce myself !

    I'm 37 years old and I live in South West of France, I may say I'm a simmer till I was 8 as my very first sim was F-16 Combat Pilot on Atari ST . I can remember the 200+ pages manual and the complexity of the sim compared to the other fighters "sims" I had at the same time (I mean Fighter Bomber ).

    Nowadays I'm soooo glad computers are so fast that they can offer us really great sims.
    I mostly fly on falcon BMS where I have about 800+ flight hours. But I admit I couldn't resist when DCS Black Shark KA-50 and DCS A-10C went out so I bought'em and now I'm hesitating between DCS F-18 and the Mirage 2000 (yeah I'm french and IMO Mirage 2000 is really a great plane ).

    And finally I fly sometimes on P3D with the nice freeware planes Dino Cattaneo offered to the virtual pilots we are . I owned VRS TP and F-18 but my licenses expired and I don't know if I'll renew it now, I'm way too busy with DCS and BMS . But I must admit that with all the new planes that are TP compatible and FSX@War finally out, things are beginning to be really interesting on P3D and FSX side !!

    Have a nice day everyone !!

    Best Regards from France

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    New to forum but not to FS

    Hello everyone! Joined up yesterday and want to introduce myself. Names Brian 34 years old. Live on the east coast of the US. Spend most of my time flying in Europe. I have been playing FS since FS95. I have flown with various VA's over the many years. I fly everything from fixed to rotorary wing aircraft. I have over 1500 flight hours confirmed and god knows how many unconfirmed flight hours. Of course like most, I have many of favorites that I always seem to go back to.
    I'm a huge WWII buff and enjoy just about anything WWII related.
    I am currently looking to join a VA/club that centers there VA around WWII era. If you have any suggestions they are much appreciated.



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    Hello There!

    Hi all

    I am 'new' around here, having recently moved and got a new setup. I have flown FS9 for many years and still prefer it to all subsequent developments. Having put together so much beautiful scenery, with Lago sounds and so many other tweaks, I will stay with the sim I have built, tweaked and loved for well over ten years.

    I enjoy detailed airline flights, with Radar Contact RCV4 acting as IFR Controller and Flight Deck Companion modelling the crew, and also bush flying, with FSCargo handling the assignments.

    My favourite sceneries are the Washington area Georender Series, with all the Lago bells and whistles, perfect for bush plane and helo trips. Alongside those the 'Mega-Airports', mostly by Aerosoft, Fly-Tampa and others, with the full AES Support (all the little support vehicles, buses, tankers and moving jetways). I usually need a totally clear evening for the medium haul but a quick random bush to bush airstrip with the MAAM-DC3 (with the Real_Engine addon) is also hard to beat!

    I wish to thank all contributors to sim-outhouse, my favourite place on the net. Its a great repository for all the best FS9 designers. Each visit brings wonderful new discoveries. The quality and presentation of such superb work is very much appreciated and keeps my sim freshly invigorated.

    I love what you have done with the place!

    Many thanks

    Speedmachine - Adelaide - South Australia

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    Hi all im Luke, Live in New Zealand and I'm a big fan of CFS3 and aviation in general. be nice to meet others who are also intrested in the subject and its nice to see that simulators are not dying out completely.

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    Hello everybody

    Hi guys,

    I'm Friedl from Austria. Thanks for having me!

    I recently installed the CFS3 and started playing it again after many many years. Luckily I also found this great forum, I'm learning every day more regarding all the mods which makes it even more fun!

    I spent several years in North America and have seen lots of the planes at the Air Force Dayton, OH museum. It is so impressive, I just love the old engineering stuff!


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    Members +
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    Oct 2019
    João Pessoa, Paraíba,Brazil

    Hello Everyone.

    Thanks Paul, for setting me up for posting. I'm a physician living and working in Northeast, Brazil . I'am old time simmer but have
    been away from simming for the last 6 years or so. And Returned just a couple months ago. I'm mostly interested in bush flying in Alaska and PNW. I'm now using P3Dv4.5

    Francisco Aguiar

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    Welcome to the Outhouse Francisco.
    Nice to have a new face in the group and another enlightened P3D4.5 operator!


    "Illegitimum non carborundum".
    Commodore 64

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    Welcome Francisco!

    People here are very friendly and knowledgeable. Also, you might find a lot of addons you might want in the SOH Warbirds Library! Enjoy. NC

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    Hi everyone! Name is Dimitri. Been simming, off and on, since C64 times. Now on P3D 4.5. I'm an IT guy from Munich, Germany (but I'm originally from the US, with Greek heritage), and I like to fly everything from ultralights to widebodies.

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    That is certainly a wide arrary of planes.

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    Hi there, old member returning the community here. Been in sims a long time FS98, Pro Pilot, CFS1, Aces of the Pacific (if anyone remembers that one lol). But I took a hiatus about 6 years ago from sims and came back to it early this year with P3D. I've been kind of lurking around off and on since about May, but didn't upgrade my account until recently. I'm mainly a sim fiddler and repaint guy. I don't have patience really for modeling (or haven't convinced myself of it yet), although I have been tinkering in ModelConverterX. I'm part of a group called Simulated Air Tanker Operations on FB, we've run it since about 2010. But it's been pretty quiet until recently, I started doing repaints. I'm friends with tankerguy72 if anyone is familiar IRL, we went to HS together and spent a lot of time growing up around the air tanker community in California. Air tankers and military stuff is where my interests mostly lie in the sim world. Since I've come back to sims I've mostly posted on FB and uploaded to one other site, but I will be moving stuff over here now as well. I've been busy repainting a lot of planes this year. Currently working on CV-580s for Canadian air tanker operators.

    Repaints I've done so far this year for the curious.

    Aerosoft OV-10 (current Cal Fire scheme, Pack 1 is Ramona, Hemet, Paso Robles, Porterville, Chico, and Redding) Pack 2 is in the works and will be the rest of the fleet.
    Captain Sim C-130H/L-100-30 (Coulson nearly the whole fleet, Cal Fire, USFS, and Nevada ANG)
    CL-415 (Aero-Flite USA)
    Greg Pepper's CV-580 (Conair and Saskatchewan WIP)
    UKMIL CH-47D (Coulson-Unical, Columbia, Billings, CA Army National Guard, and Helimax)
    ISDT King Air 200 (Cal Fire, USFSx2, Conair, and NSW Rural Fire Service)
    PMDG 737-700WL (Coulson 137 & 138 US & NSW Australia)
    Vista Liners 737-300W (Coulson 137 & 138 US & NSW Australia)
    SGA DC-9/MD-87 (Erickson Fleet)
    QW BAe-146 (Neptune Aviation Fleet)
    FS KBT P-3A (Airstrike and Buffalo Airways)

    So. Yeah, I've been busy lol. I plan on uploading all these past projects here eventually. It's good to be back!

    Aerial Firefighting Aircraft Development & Simulation Group
    Simulated Air Tanker Operations Facebook! <<click
    SATO Youtube Channel! <<click

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    Hello, I am a new member of the community.

    First got hooked on Flight Sim a few years ago with FSX:SE and have since moved over to XPlane.

    I typically prefer to fly Jetliners, mainly the Airbus A319/320.

    Sent from my BBE100-5 using Tapatalk

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    thanks for having me

    Hello all , thanks for having me , i did't enjoy sim flying for ages glad to be back

    firing up MSFS 2020 since agust enjoyin flying and meeting new people and learning snecery,plane making and plane conversion is a blast

    see you all in the forum



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    Smile Thanks

    Hi all,

    this is Ewald - I'm from Germany, born in the sixties. Have had a US PPL + IFR (not current) - today mostly into Warbirds - both in SIM and RC Modelflying.

    Best regards

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    hall together

    Hello Simmers,
    greetings from Germany, EDLZ.
    Simmer since about 1985 and for a long time also RC pilot.
    Currently mostly on the road in P3Dv5.1, occasionally in MSFS.
    Have a nice day.
    Greetings from EDLZ

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    Senior Administrator huub vink's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Noordwijk, The Netherlands (EHVB)
    Willkommen and Bord.

    I hope you will have a nice time here!


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    Quote Originally Posted by flusimmer View Post
    Hello Simmers,
    greetings from Germany, EDLZ.
    Simmer since about 1985 and for a long time also RC pilot.
    Currently mostly on the road in P3Dv5.1, occasionally in MSFS.
    Have a nice day.
    Greetings, Juergen

    SOH is a great site. Very knowledgeable people (er, maybe myself excluded ), and friendly too! NC

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    And another welcome to you Juergen.
    We are always happy to have a fellow P3Dv5 enthusiast join the team.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".
    Commodore 64

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    Marth 28th, 2021

    Hey guys,
    First time posting.
    I want to thank everyone who has contributed in the forums, there is a lot of information for people who want to get back into their old games (at least this is what I've been reading for a long time) I hope to be able to contribute in some way as well.
    I played CSF3 and EAW and I am hoping to learn here in order to be able to help others set up their games as well. For as simple as it can be to get certain things right it can take a lot of trial and error and having someone who has already gone through it may help speed things up.

    I wish everyone a great time and godspeed.


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