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    Hi there,

    checking in - name is Jack, go by the moniker of Holy Cheese. Looking forward to spending some good times here.


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    i want to say hello and welcome to all whove come in in the past year...hope you enjoy SOH!

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    New Here

    Hi all

    New here and finally got back to post and tell a little about my self.

    I have been on FS for some time, but have not been playing for some time and decided to reload FSX again.
    I' am a ex-Army [2yr's 64-66], ex-Marine served 4 yr's and 2 tours in country [68-70], am retired police officer.

    I recently purchased a 2013 Ural M70 and transferred it into a U.S. military bike. I have a album set up here for
    people interested in looking at it. I did this for the buddy's I served with and ALL military personal and branches
    past and present. This is what it is all about,. I have shown it to the RA-Army, National Guard, and Marines here
    where I live and they really liked it. The NG here had a car and bile show here and the NG asked if I'd bring it and
    enter in the bike show. I did and got 1st place in the bike show.

    Am looking forward to meeting every one and doing more post's here. I have been told that this is a really good place
    to be and the simmers here are good people and very knowledgeable and helpful and some damn good modelers as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this. I will be back when I can and to the post and respond.


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    M70..welcome to SOH...im sure you will enjoy youre time here....love the Ural....i may be wrong,but the big boss here "ickie" has a Ural i think.

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    Gray Eagle, Holy Cheese, and M70 - welcome aboard!

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    Well now, lets get this welcome wagon rolling again!

    Greeting from KPAO!

    Looking forward to being a bit more active here; I guess my old account expired since my username was available for reassignment. I've been an IL-2 flyer since 2006 and am still at it with my online friends (whom I introduced to IL-2 and it stuck, before that we were into UT). Been heavily into FSX since I built a computer in 2009 which could truly handle it (well at least a lot better than my Athalon 4200+ X2 did) though I got FSX when it released in 2006. Dabbled somewhat with fs9, at least enough to that decide a decent joystick was completely necessary. So currently I'm into FSX (of which I have $100s invested into addons), Rise of Flight, and IL-2 with the HSFX mod pack. And BTW, I been around a bit at other FS forums for a while as well.

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    Thank you Father Paul for welcoming a poor sinner.
    Thank to you, I am a reborn FSX believer and a pious converted to the glorious DX10 dogma. I followed you when you "left" your former employer and I am so glad to be able to enjoy anew your guidance on this blessed site.

    Bruno Vinci

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    Wink Hi!

    Hi Guys:

    Thought i should swing past and say hello now that i've kindly been given some posting privileges, so... Hi!

    I'm Paul Smith, better known as Smiffy. In the sim world, i deal with Concorde X Support and Forum Moderation for Flight Sim Labs, and in the real world I work in the music industry, travelling the world and trying to fit some sim time in when i'm not on a real aircraft. Mainly i like the heavy metal for Vatsim and IVAO flying but offline i like to putter about the sky in the Chippie, Spitfire, and Hawk.

    I found the forum after a couple of weeks searching for PaulJ, and i'm mighty glad i did. I find this place a refreshing tonic to the toxic wasteland that 'the worlds number one sim site' is becoming, and it's good to see a pleasant forum, full of pleasant people not out to belittle each other.

    Many thanks for the welcome.


    CPU: 4th Generation Intel Core™ i7 4770K @ Stock 3.50GHz | GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC 3GB GDDR5 | MoBo: ASUS Sabertooth Z87 Intel Z87 | OS: Win 7 Home Premium X64 | RAM: G.Skill TridentX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit | HD: Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB 64MB Cache Hard Drive Serial 6Gb/s <4.2ms 10,000rpm (FSX) & Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB Solid State (OS) | Monitors: 1 x 42" LCD |

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    smiffy..welcome to the SOH..its a great place to be...

    about your system specs..do you see any difference in performance with the 10,000 rpm HD?......i was seriously thinking about a 15,000 rpm when i build my new machine.and it seems to me your system is the ideal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveroo View Post
    do you see any difference in performance with the 10,000 rpm HD?......i was seriously thinking about a 15,000 rpm when i build my new machine.and it seems to me your system is the ideal.
    Thanks for the welcome.

    Truth be told, my old system was based on an E8500 getting on for five or six years old, and i'm damned if i can remember what breed of HDD it was to compare it with The new system's just been built and configured this week, and compared to the old system it's an immense improvement. everything is turned up, and i'm quite happy with the general balance. Add in Steve's DX10 fixer and the sim's a goodun! That said, the 10k RPM drive is RAPID in comparison to what i've been used to.

    Sorry i'm not much more help than that!


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    CPU: 4th Generation Intel Core™ i7 4770K @ Stock 3.50GHz | GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC 3GB GDDR5 | MoBo: ASUS Sabertooth Z87 Intel Z87 | OS: Win 7 Home Premium X64 | RAM: G.Skill TridentX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 PC3-19200 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit | HD: Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB 64MB Cache Hard Drive Serial 6Gb/s <4.2ms 10,000rpm (FSX) & Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB Solid State (OS) | Monitors: 1 x 42" LCD |

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    Thank you for accepting me, I'm Peter, another aviation-obsessed human(oid) who tries to hide on forums where it's hard to be unique with an obsession like this
    I'm not that difficult, actually there are only a few things in my life sitting on (or nearly) the same level of importance like aviation and they are castles and classic cars. Ok, every 10-15 years bring up something new to catch up with those mentioned so I imagine when I die there'll be at least 7 of them.

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    SOH-CM-2020 Wayland's Avatar
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    48.800 N, 118.612 W. North Central Washington State, USA

    Another returning simmer.

    Hello all, thanks to the head shed crew, I'm finally cleared to post. Retired Aerospace worker on the assembly line in Renton Wa. Started with CFS, then Fs2K, CFS2, and finally worked up to FS2K4, but still spend most of my time flying CFS2. I finally found my backup CD's of all the addon aircraft and scenery from 10+ years of simming, so am busy consolidating and eliminating duplicate files. I hope to make some new friends here.

    Steve "Wayland" Elmes

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    Hello all, have just joined the forum and now able to post. Name is Dave Evans an ex RAF Aircraft electrician having served 22 years, demobbed 1993 and now retired. I enjoy using FSX and getting to grips with the excellent new Aerosoft Lightning F3 the best model I have flown so far. Am still involved with the Lightning Preservation Group at Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome in Leicester and keep my hand in when able. Now to spend a few weeks catching up on the forums here.

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    I have joined the forum 6 months ago. i was welcome from all! you're all super

    AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz, AMD (GigaByte) Radeon R9 280X Series @ 3GB Video, ATI Radeon SoundCard, GigaByte FX-990GAUD, Samsung 840EVO SSD @ 120GB, WD Caviar Blue @ 1TB

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    Hi All,

    another noob here! Mad into FSX and Steve's DX10 fixer brought me here in search of Paul J's guide. so looking forward to some sound advice and where possible I'll sling some back


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    Smile Hi everyone

    Hi Guys,
    New to SOH and relatively new to Flight Sim obsession. I've been keen on aviation all my life but now have more time to indulge and am thoroughly enjoying myself.

    I am astonished at how much quality stuff is available as freeware from so many generous people including many here. I mainly fly older ie WW2 and unusual planes eg the Bronco. I particularly fly planes from Dino Cattaneo, Tim Conrad, Milton Schupe, Rob Richardson, Dave Garwood and Flying Stations (wonderful Sea Fury) and the teams they are part of. In addition I have toyed with the Dark Side and fly DCS A-10 and P-51.SOH came to my attention when I was investigating sounds and I came across the wonderful sounds created by Lawdog and others which are now throbbing out whenever I fly the Bearcat and Hornets - great planes. I've now added fairly full cockpit sounds to many of my planes and find it provides much improved immersion.

    I'm also left handed which gives me a problem finding comfortable modern joysticks and HOTAS so I modded what is available to create my own. I use a Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback stick with FSForce, with a CH Flightstick handle with 2 extra multiway switches (home assembled) plus slide on replacement throttle handles for my saitek quadrant which also include another 3 multiway switches so I have a full control setup for the A-10.All these new switches connect to a Leo Bodnar matrix card which works really well and I have added a homemade trim wheel and flap control. I really love the Force Feedback setup and find that it and the trim wheel greatly improved my flying.

    I take my hat off to all you very talented and generous developers - many thanks for the pleasure you have given me and many others.
    I look forward to chatting with you all and discovering more gems and solutions.


    silverghost - my online name from Total Annihilation and Eve online
    (Ray McDonnell for real)

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    a word of warning! this place is contagousi had 2 arms&legs when i joined i could spell then alsoH

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    Hello All,
    Thanks for allowing me to join the group. I have been involved in aviation since the early 80's. I received my private pilot's license in Maine and worked in the back of both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft as a flight nurse. I have taken to the flight sim world as I lost my medical but didn't want to lose the enjoyment of flying.

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    An AF99 old plane builder

    Hi to all, and thanks for your warm welcome!

    The first time I flew on a sim, it was black and white wireframe on the Spectrum+... awesome! I always tried to get behind the mountains... Then it was on the Amiga 500 to fly under San Francisco bridge in the F-14 upside down, and later FS5.1 and FS98, and in 2001 my wife and a friend bought me AF99 for my 50th birthday. There, as soon as I got the grips of it a bit, the real fun started for me!

    I began buiding mostly WWI multi-engined biplanes for FS98, as well as some WWII and civilian planes of the time, and more modern ones like the Raptor and the Dreamliner - and some Ekranoplans too! A friend was doing nice FD for them, and another some excellent paintwork, and still does. I slowly fought and still fight the bleedthrough battle ...and 5 years later more or less understood what glue means and does.

    Then, only this year I discovered that it was Windows XP with its Spanish keyboard configuration, that after building for a while, would suddenly completely mess up certain textures because of the decimal comma and not the decimal point!!

    Anyway, it is always a challenge to get it right! Never a dull moment...

    As MS Flight Simulator progressed and I slowly became obsolete, so I tried using the newer aircraft building programmes for the newer Flight Simulators, but didn´t enjoy them as much, so I stuck to my aging AF99 and FS98 - and Aircraft Animator, of course, with the help of my painter and FD friends.

    I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I came across Ivan´s and Hubbahubba´s detailed AF99 very recent and not so recent posts and tutorials here at Sim Outhouse, and although SOH is dedicated to CFS, and specifically CFS1 with relation to AF99, I am glad to see that AF99 seems to be indeed very much alive and kicking around here!

    I must confess that my only experience with CFS1 is bombing the train with the Me 109 from Interlaken, and the only flying I do is test-fly my planes in FS98, but I was wondering if perhaps it would be fun and refreshing to exchange ideas on this forum.

    With kind regards to all,


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    Greetings to a exceptionally talented community

    First, thanks to Paul for allowing an upgrade to my membership to post.

    I am a retired Navy Master Chief now enjoying the spare time to revisit my interest in FS and CFS. The level of talent and patience so freely given to such a large community by the members and contributors of SOH is nothing less than astounding. I have a limited background in simulator development, mostly confined to Animator, Orbiter and GTR2 (though I have on occasion "meddled" with my FS2004 aircraft). That experience only serves to provide me with an understanding of the tremendous talent that I see when I look at what you've done here on SOH. Thank you so much for what you do and always know that no matter what you contribute it is very much appreciated by so many.

    As for me, I retired from the Navy in 2011 after a very privileged career serving in Submarines, Aviation, and Surface Warfare. I currently reside in Virginia with my high school sweetheart who for some crazy reason has sought to bless me by remaining as my bride. Some guys have all the luck. I keep pretty busy with work but shoot often, am just getting into fly fishing (which surprisingly hooked me after one outing), golf, and love classic cars (though the toy position in the garage is longingly vacant right now).

    I've had a life long interest in aviation fostered when my uncle gave me Martin Caidin's "The Ragged Rugged Warriors" at a very young age. I've been hooked ever since with the typical library, model, and RC plane endeavors that guys my age did when we were young. FS and CFS are terrific extensions of my youth and I can't thank all of you enough.

    I'm now off to take CFS beyond the pacific.... I can almost hear those Hurricanes.... It's great to feel like a kid again. Thanks again and I promise not to lurk too much!


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    Newbie or Jeep

    I'm happy to be a member, the forum seems to be a place to learn and or contribute. I'm well behind the power curve in flight sim and so far I have ben shopping the freeware like a kid in a candy store. Most of my payware aircraft are better than great and I really appreciate the "easy" installation on most of them. I do have one problem with a An-2. The tail wheel will not caster. I've tried the tail wheel switch on the panel and the "shift+G" in FSX. Can anyone tell me how I might have screwed this up?


    Old Airman

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    Sulphur,South West Louisiana in the good'ol USA
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    Hi all ! Old sixstrings is back and posting.Been around SOH since the beginning . Had to change my user name after the e-mail change policy. My old trusty pc has died a while back and i have had several health problems too. Medical bills have to be paid first and now i'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mom and Dad bought a new windows 8 computer and gave me their compac xp computer. I added a second hard drive with my 12 CFS3 installs and it killed the weak power supply! DARN ! Going to upgrade it with a 550/650 watt power supply,4 gigs of ram and a good Nvidia 2 gig video card. Will build a windows 7 64 bit pro Computer , 16/18 gigs of ram , fast cpu,a good mid/high level Nvidia 2/3 gig video card for Rise Of Flight,WOFF,ETO 1.50,PTO-Rising Sun and IL2 series.Hopefully will have done by mid spring , Lord willing. Besides playing guitar this , over the years , has been the most enjoyable hobby i have ever had. Beats golf or fishing...Peace my freinds
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    welcome back...i hope your medical issues have settled..

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    Hi all,

    just got my "+" these days - thx for that!
    Now what should I say...? I originally come from the racesim-scene, where I spent a lot of time over the past years as (of course) racedriver, team-co-owner, skinner/painter and so on. I'm still around there every now and then, but many of the comrades moved to new platforms which didn't attract me that much. It was the right time to move the focus a bit towards flightsimming again. I tried it before, but it was as time consuming as the racesimming and I abandoned it several times for that reason.

    I was a bit into aviation since I was a child. Mostly military stuff with shooting and all that. Dunno how it came. I assembled a 1/100 scale model of a MiG-17 at the age of 7 or so. Next was a TU-20. But then I got a kit of the Mil Mi-10K. THAT must have been the point when my soft spot for helicopters began to move towards something like an addiction. Plus the fact that lots of Mi-8/17s circled around where I grew up (former GDR, at the Czech border). They flew almost directly over our house, maybe 200m away, but I still needed binoculars to see the craft more detailed.

    Last year or so I saw a copy of FSX Gold for 20-ish euros and grabbed it. Cheap as it was. Then it started to get a bit mad. UTX, GEX, REX, German Landmarks (where I'm from), Switzerland ProX (where I live since 2002), various addons etc... It turned out to be not that cheap as it looked like initially. Lol!

    Anyways, atm I mostly use the AS Huey (TSS sound and HTR ftw!) mostly plus a (seemingly) new Mi-8, which grew to me immediately. I'll post about that in another part of the forum if someone's interested. Just that (before someone shouts "Piracy!") - it's just a refurbished Vladimir Zhyhulskiy Mi-8 conversion. The one which was available everywhere with no working panelstuff.
    My areas are the those where I come from/live plus Vietnam with that cool Vietnamwarproject-scenery.
    Furthermore I'm about to get into some ai-flightplanning to fill up my skies a bit with cold-war-era jets and helos. Just for being not alone up there and to have somthing to look at or to follow.
    Then I think of gettin' into skinning. Shouldn't be that difficult since I painted 100-ish cars for GTR2.

    Oh, since many of you guys have a military background, I'll tell mine aswell. Nothing big, but it was a good time. I served from 1996 - 2000 in a Special Engineers battalion, did one SFOR and one KFOR mission and some cool maneuvres in England and Belgium. Both airmobile engineer trainings. So I flew in several helicopters; CH-47 (HC.1/3 in that case), Lynx, BO-105 (birthday present by a high ranked officer during a flood operation) and CH-53G. Still some good memories here.
    Besides being a passenger due to pure luck I never had anything to do with aircrafts of any type or form.

    Okay, enough bored, lol.



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    new guy...old CFS2 fan.

    First off...thanks Paul for the invitation to post. Looking forward to meeting new flight sim fans. I was a huge CFS1 ansd CFS2 fan back in the the late 90's..and early 2000's. Have not played in years, but recently re-installed CFS2 on my 'puter. Used to be able to find great people to fly and shoot down (he he) at the old MSN gaming zone. Miss the fun. I hope I can meet virtual pilots here to fly with via IP connection.

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