Best planes for bush flying?
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Thread: Best planes for bush flying?

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    Best planes for bush flying?

    I have just finished setting up Orbx Pacific NW on the pc. Initial impressions are excellent! I think that I could be spending a lot of time flying around this area :d

    So, suggestions please................what are the best aircraft (payware or freeware) for exploring the scenery?

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    Best freeware bush plane would be Piglet's "land on a dime" Pilatus PC-6, imo
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    i've always found the a2a P47 with accusim a great and challangeing plane for bush flying, but just might be me

    Failing that, Ants tiger moth (freeware, aussieX), Auster J1 Autocrat (freeware, CBFS i think), Aerosofts Beaver X, OZx redone goose (aussieX) and cessna birddog (sibwings)

    Theres others but thats my list
    yes i know i cant spell half the time! Thank you kindly to those few who pointed that out

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    Beaver are used most there in reality, so they're the best ;-)

    Quite a few Cessna's on floats and Piper Cubs on floats too......
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    The Carenado 185, Ant's Tecnam Sierra, A2A Accusim Cub, and Virtavia Islander are all winners. :salute:

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    Lionheart's Kodiak and Flight Replica's Extreme Cub package come to mind. lots of choices.
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    Lets not forget the Real Air Scout, Deke and Citabria package!

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    Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver X is a great one for Orbx PNW.

    Regards, Mike Mann

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    Aerosoft's DHC2 Beaver X.

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    Carenado C185F Tundra, A2A Cub, Sibwings Birdog, the usual suspects. I also like the Catalina for the PNW as long as there is plenty of water around.

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    And Miltons Puss Moth, also native FSX
    Available on SOH
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    Sibwings Birddog.


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    A2A Cub, and I really like default Maule, it's one of my favourite planes.

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    Its logical: The BUSH Hawk! :salute:
    Craig Tatley
    No DC-3 without the DC-2

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    Payware - Carenado C185

    Freeware - Piglet's PC-6

    ...and don't forget about the default Maule M7

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    A couple more Aerosoft twin otter. Carenado 208, Flightone PC12

    C-7 Caribou Alphasim not native but she does OK...oh how I wish we had a native Caribou with all the trimings

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    Simon Smeimans Supercub package.

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    The suggestions made in this thread are very good.
    PNW doesn't have so much seaplane bases, so an amphibian plane (floats and wheels) is a plus.
    Nevertheless, the A2A Cub with Accusim is a total blast in such a detailled scenery.

    For freewares, there are quite a lot of choices, and even some of the default planes are just taking another dimension in such scenery. I have rediscovered the Beaver and the Goose.
    Empeck mentionned the default Maule, I didn't think about flying that one in fact, might be an excellent idea, indeed.

    For non-default freeware planes, the Puss Moth has been mentionned already, together with the Auster J1 Autocrat. If I stay with the FSX native planes (I fly a lot of FS9 port-overs, but you might be using the DX10 preview so I won't mention them), I would also recommend:
    - the Cessna 310 by Alrot
    - the Super Puma by Dirk Fassbender (yes, a good copter is really enjoybale in such sceneries)
    - the Grumann AA-5B by Piglet
    - the Meyers 200D by Piglet
    - the Mooney M18C by Piglet
    - Milton's Spartan Executive converted to FSX
    - The Stinson 108 by Allen Richards (also with floats version)

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    For bigger iron, the DC2 is no slouch. Surprisingly the F7F can get in and out of some tight spots...

    Cubs, particularly Mike CYUL's supercub series is a lot of fun.

    Cheers: T

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    So far, everyone is dead-on about the bush planes, but don't forget about the C-208 Caravan. That too is a popular r/w bush plane. Pretty tough bird. Also the Beech 18 and DC-3!


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    yep, with you all on the above choices, Scout, Kodiak, Cub..etc. If you want somthing that can haul a$$ too the Epic LT can handle the bush quite well...kind of like a PC-12 Lite. Somthing else to try when the weather is warmer, one of Golden Age's Waco or Stearman, or Tim's Waco. MAAM has their N3N which could be a fun summer bush bird when it is released.
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    The native F-15.

    Oh wait, maybe not.......
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    Twotter, Sea Otter or if ya Military CC-138.:salute: Opps forgot Buffalo here has been known to STOL a L188. and if Tubes are your thing look no further then the 737-200C with gravel kit.

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    Oh yeah .... I forgot one! The Norseman! I don't remember reading it, but also DHC-3 Otter and Turbine Otter. Turbine Beaver as well.

    If you go back to the early days, you have Fokkers, Wacos, Fords, and a plethera of others there!


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    The AlphaSim V-22 Osprey is great fun to fly around the PNW in. In reality I have never seen an Osprey (other than the bird) around Vancouver Island, but it does make for an enjoyable flight especially if you have Rob Barendregt's freeware VTOL addon for it.

    Regards, Mike Mann

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