FIAT CR.42 New W.I.P.
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Thread: FIAT CR.42 New W.I.P.

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    Icon5 FIAT CR.42 New W.I.P.

    Hi Friends,
    The work proceeds, after the known "accident" I reworked an older file and now the base model and his VC are complete. Now I'm working on the Fighter/Bomber, Long Range ("Egeo") and Night Fighter versions.
    I hope to finish the release before Christmas......FSAviator too is working, I hope to receive the final sound pack from OBIO during the next week.....
    Here are some screenhots of the base model (Fighter) from Stefano Meneghini, he has a better video card......

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    And these......

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    Wow, looks absolutely great Manuele!

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    Fantastic modelling as usual, Manuelle !
    I just hope that this time, the animation/clickability of the buttons will work in FSX too.

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    Wow! I'm back into "is it ready yet, is it ready yet" mode!

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    Looks gorgeous Manuele! I stickied this thread, great news!


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    Manuele, as ever I am in awe at your genius! :salute: Really looking forward to these.

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    Beautiful work once again, Manuele. Your talent and ability never ceases to amaze. I can't wait until she's up and ready to go.

    Thanks for all your work,

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    Beautiful Italian Biplane Manuele! Mike :ernae:

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    I will TRY to get back to the sound package for the CR.42....but can not give you 100% assurance that I will be able to get anything done any time soon. Lots and lots of stuff going on in Real Life right now that take priority....and the holidays just add to the pile. I am basically on 24 hour call to help care for my dying father-in-law.....been a lot of running hither and yon running errands for my wife and sister-in-law.

    When I have a chance, I will dig through my existing sound packs and find one that I can tweak into something resembling an aircraft I have never heard in real life before....14 cylinder radial, open cockpit, nice and grumbly. That's what I'll be shooting for.


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    Manuele, she is so beautiful.

    And all of Manuale's aircraft work in both FS9 and FSX on my machine, no problem.

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    A genuine beauty...WOW!!!!
    Vivat Christus Rex! Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

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    Another smashing success from your factory Sir. I am loving the VC work and gauges. Excellent work!
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    One of my favorite Italian designs and beautifully rendered on your part. Thank you for the preview.

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    Great paintwork again and thanks for doing this. Highly appreciated!


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    You are too good to us. Thanks for resurecting the CR 42 from the ashes of your computer.

    Your creations are some of my most flown airplanes in FS 9 and I've toured most of the Med in them, from Spain to the Levant.
    Keep your airspeed up,



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    I have taken several short flights in the CR42 (Manuele's CR.42 that is, not a real one) while trying on various sound packs trying to find the one with the right "feel" to use as the basis for a sound package for this bird. I am blown away with the detail of the VC...the whole plane is superb...but the VC is a master piece of the highest order! I fly from the VC only....if a plane doesn't have a VC, I don't keep it in my collection. I have flown a good number of planes with really nice VCs, but none have come close to giving me the feel of actually being in the cockpit like the VC in the CR.42 does. If only I had TrackIR...that would be the icing on the cake and would finalize that "I am in the plane" feeling.


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    Absolutely stunning, Manuele! The VC looks magnificent. I particularly like the Swedish and Iraqi skins, too. A worthy successor to your Breda!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBIO View Post
    I have taken several short flights in the CR42
    Consider yourself a lucky man Tim!


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    Great. Just great. A great looking aircraft - very nice work, Sir. Take care.


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    Hi Friends,
    The work proceeds, I just finished the "AS" (Fighter/Bomber),"CN" (Night Fighter) and "EGEO" (Long Range Fighter) versions.
    Actually I'm working on the two last versions : the "LW" (Luftwaffe Night Fighter/Bomber) and the "CN w/Search Lights". FSAviator is finishing the FDs, I'm waiting for OBIO's Sound.
    I hope to release the package before Christmas.


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    ABSOLUTELY brilliant!!!!


    Thanks for the preview, really looking forward to the release!

    Silly Question: Will the skins fit the CFS3 models?

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    Very nice Manuele. FIAT CR.42 clear for landing :ernae:

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