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    Pinto Ready To Fly

    The Temco Pinto and Super Pinto package that David and I have been working on for what seems like forever is finally ready! It will be going up the pipe today or tomorrow to and the Outhouse.

    As usual with our planes there are several models and a plethora of paints representing the Pinto throughout its life, from the Temco Model 51 prototype:

    through the TT-1's brief career as a Navy trainer:

    to it's later career as a jet warbird:

    Two flight models and sound sets reflect the enormous increase in power that made the Super Pinto conversion a radically different plane from the original TT-1 Pinto.

    We haven't tested the Pintos in FSX, but we suspect that they will work, though they may have minor issues, as was the case with our P-59.

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    A great plane that has, to this date, been waiting for a good FS treatment. Thanks Mick!

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    Thank you David and Mick!
    Great little sport-flyer.


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    I obviously missed this being posted

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    Fun little jet Mick! Nice have another piece of Naval Aviation history in the hangar! Mike :ernae:

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    Quote Originally Posted by OleBoy View Post
    That one's been stuck - thanks!

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