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    Railworks problems

    Anyone with RW ever have a problem like this?I fired up my pc this morning and a popup for steam appears and wants me to sign in and I don't ever recall ever having a password,never had to use one,I just click on RW and steam opens ,click on start RW and all is well.just played yesterday and for the last 120 days. Tried to retrieve pass word three times and never received an email.

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    Steam can really be a headache.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gera View Post
    Steam can really be a headache.....
    Yeh it sure can,it all happened with an automatic update and took four days to get straitened out, and many steps to fix.

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    lesson,... Always remember your passwords

    Steam is just an online store, so since it prolly has credit card details on your account its always best to remember your password for your account.

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    So far the most frustrating and unsuccessful install. Still can't get past the steam login. Arrg


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    Still no working sim, just connects and keeps updating, and updating.



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