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    CH Combatstick


    Does anyone have any experience with the CH Combatstick or Fighterstick? I just ordered the Combatstick and I am hoping that I have not made a poor choice.

    My X-52 started to give out after about a year, and I then replaced the stick with the Logitech 3D pro. After another year the Logitech stick went out. I continue to use the X-52 throttle without issue. I also use Saitek rudder pedals.

    I would appreciate any comments from people who use the CH sticks.



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    For the price they charge, I'd return it and get a Hotas Cougar.

    You can find them on Ebay or big PC stores.

    I've used the CH stick, and it's WAY too loose!

    Regards, Diego

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    Hello skyblazer3,

    I've been using CH pedals, Quad throttle, yoke and Fighter Stick for years with out issue or qualification. You won't regret your purchase.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MenendezDiego View Post
    For the price they charge, I'd return it and get a Hotas Cougar.

    You can find them on Ebay or big PC stores.

    I've used the CH stick, and it's WAY too loose!

    Regards, Diego

    I completely disagree. The light springs you get used to very quickly....the slop in the Cougar you won't.

    I've had my CH Setup for years and never had an issue. I shelved my Cougar right after getting my CH gear. Haven't used it since.
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    Guess I'm just used to real world flying where it's all about the pressure you put into the control

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    Thank you all for responding. I'm sure that the CH stick will be great. I think that the long throw and light spring-tension will take a bit to get used to, but I'm sure it will also be very precise. What I most like about reviews of this stick is how durable it seems to be.

    @Diego, thanks for your input on the TM Cougar -- that is a bit out of my price range at the moment. I understand that people either love or hate the Cougar -- but I think this might have something to do with changes at Thrustmaster over the years. I for one, could not find anyone but E-bay selling the cougar. I also understand that the TM Cougar with the force sensing modifications (about $500 worth) makes for an incredible stick.

    I will be sure to let you guys know what I think of this CH Combatstick once it arrives on Saturday.

    Thanks again,


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    The spring tension in my Fighterstick is fine. No, it's not the same as flying a real aircraft, but for that you need a force feedback stick. My Fighterstick has worked just fine for several years now, it's even on its second computer. Thankfully, with durability like that, I don't have to buy new controllers when I build a new computer.
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    I've had the CH (F-16) Combat Stick for years and have put it through a lot of rough use without any problems so far. Once in awhile I'll spray some silicon down and around the throttle wheel , base of the stick , and the trim wheels . I would not hesitate to buy another one if this one ever gave out . I paired it up with the CH Pro Pedals and have enjoyed years of use . Good luck with your choice .


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