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    So Cal Forest Fire FX

    does anyone know a way that i could add a forest fire fx to an area in Southern California?

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    Adding forest fire effects isn't really that hard once you get the hang of it, isn't everything though? Do you have the FSX SDK installed? if so there is a tutorial on adding effects with the SDK. The default effects are rather limited and don't allow you to build large fire sceneries unless you wanted to add multiple effects. I've been using the FSXKMLtool and the blacksand landclass to create some large forest fire's for FSX with some success, you still need to use some imagination... There is a new page on my website, we only have one fire scenario available but I'm hoping to change that this winter.

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    Great webpage!

    (Creating fires was really easy in FS9 with FsBlaze. I wished to have it back in FSX.)

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    Thanks Slund! Your page is GREAT and have it as a favorite now! I downloaded your fire scenery and it is awesome also! I need to learn how to do this so i can get something in Southern California! Yeah i do have SDK downloaded but the tutorial i followed didnt work out for me

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    I had some issues when I first started trying to place forest fire effects getting the XML files to compile with BGLcomp. Are you having similar issues? I could send you a working XML file if you like, then you could simply change the lats and longs of the effects and see if you could get it to work? Make sure that you have the scenery complexity level in the XML file set to the same or lower than what you use in the simulator. The XML file example for forest fire effects placements is set to normal (I think) if you fly with your scenery settings on anything lower than that the effect won't show up. I always use SPARSE in this setting, that way the effect will show up for almost everyone. Let me know if that doesn't work or if your having different issues and we'll get it figured out. You'll also have problems if you set up the effect to only show on a specific day and you forget to select that day in the simulator, sounds pretty obvious but that one has caught me before.

    <SceneryObject lat="N54 50.75" lon="W127 24.39" alt="0" pitch="0" bank="0" heading="0" altitudeIsAgl="TRUE" imageComplexity="SPARSE">
    <Effect effectName="fx_ForestFireLarge" effectParams="MOY=08,08;DOM=21,21;" />

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    I'm almost happy with the way these large fire's are looking in FSX. They will never be perfect but there close enough I think to make for decent firebombing targets.

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    Thanks that all looks great! I dont know how to make an XML file i would appreciate it if you could enlighten me. i found the coordinates i need

    N 33 1.09 W117 8.04

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    I will send you an XML file as well as a BGL file that places a fire at the coordinates you posted. If you've want to try placing your own fire effect at another location, open the XML file with notepad, change the coordinates and save, then compile the BGL file by dragging the XML file into BGLComp. We could always meet on Teamspeak or Skype and go over it in detail if you like.

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    Thanks i would appreciate that alot! I really hope i can figure this out its really getting boring just building retardant lines around dirt

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    very interesting post , this just give me some new ideas on next possibilities are infinite for sceneries and missions...just had few moment to figure out how add is possible also add triggers and decide when an effect start or stop...i knew of this features but now i have tried they are nice.

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