Desert Storm - A-7
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Thread: Desert Storm - A-7

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    Now that's a real nice looking paint. Great job Rob.

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    First and last shot is a beauty mate! :salute:

    Support Help For Heroes!

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    2nd star to the see that old torino?..ask there
    Awesome shots..
    But i hate to disagree...this is Desert Storm (note MK20)

    Attachment 17501

    Attachment 17502

    Just kidding dude, making fun of the fact your awesome pics are too "vanilla" for Desert Storm..for my taste at least.

    Best regards


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    Awesome shots guys! Thanks! I wish my FSX looked that good!:redf:

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    Hey RobH Let me just say, Great Job Sir. These Paints are Great, Well Done.

    Looking Forward to see whatelse you have In the Works!!:salute::salute::salute:

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