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    Jim Brown

    Question FSX not responding?

    It seems that every time I fire up FSX in the mornings, it goes to not responding. But it will start up, but only once for every three attempts. I'm running 64-bit Win 7, with Acceleration. Does anybody else have the same problems?

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    It takes about 15mins for mine to become fully responsive. It takes a good 5 mins or more just to open and then selecting aircraft or a new location in Free Flight takes forever and the interface locks up and loading the flight can take 10mins or more.

    It always comes back and eventually finishes whatever it was doing though, I just have to wait.

    I put this down to running Ultimate Traffic 2, REX tonnes of add-on scenery and lots of additional aircraft. Couple all that with FSX's inherent inefficient interface and it's not a good recipe.

    My main wish for MS Flight is that the inefficiencies are removed and I can continue to use the excellent FSX aircraft I've purchased recently.

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    Jim Brown
    yeah that's how mine is too, once I get it running. Kind of irritating, when you're trying to play in between classes.

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    I'm finding a lot of MS stuff gets released half-finished and then the next release includes all these great features that should really have been in the original, the Entity Framework is a prime example.

    Hopefully MS Flight will see a lot of the things that should have been in FSX make it finally and we'll have proper indexing of scenery and planes so the interface is fast and proper use of the graphics card, memory and cpu to give excellent performance on modest systems. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

    I agree it's irritating, by the time I've loaded FSX, selected the plane and got on the runway my hour to fly is often down to 30 mins - which isn't long enough to really get anywhere!

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