Collin's OHIO now available!
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Thread: Collin's OHIO now available!

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    Collin's OHIO now available!

    A fine Tanker with 2 versions, normal and damaged available at Collin's site:

    Thanks Collin!

    In time, enemies reveal themselves.

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    More CFS 2 tonnage from Collin... Great!

    Thanks Collin for more CFS 2 ships.

    Here are a couple of "Info" shots for your Info folder. Just expand, save to your ship's folder and then copy and paste into your Info folder. They are already correctly named to match the ships' folders and will appear in the preview window when needed in the Mission Builder.
    Keep your airspeed up,



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    Thank you, squire!:salute::ernae:

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    Looks great. Thanks Collin!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    mighty handy !

    ..for me..

    I just spent a week at Malta and was stunned by all the history to see there!

    Here are afew pics about the Ohio,I found in the War Museum in Valletta:
    Ohios nameplate, a model of her in original Texaco dress and one as confiscated by the Brits, who dressed her up for war.
    This was how she looked on the way to Malta.

    Attachment 16484Attachment 16483Attachment 16485

    Many thanks for your model, Collin. Believe it or not, I was already thinking, how I could tweak a normal CFS2 tanker to look like the large Ohio (largest tanker back then).
    Now I have a real one to play with - thats fantastic!
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    Ship Shape !

    Thank you, Collin - more eye candy for my fleet !


    "...And, When I died, They washed me out of the turret with a hose..."

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    Outstanding work! I'll save her for Pedestal. :salute:

    "Me? I'm just a Sea of Tranquility in an Ocean of Storms, babe."

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    Tank a lot Collin. Yer a purty fine bloke 'ceptin ya to close ta the house!

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