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    Hello guys.

    I found a tutorial on how to install CFS3 on Linux:

    You also need to install the msxml3 library to avoid the configuration error present in the tutorial.

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    Fix for SJ Spitfires and SJ Fw-190's

    Found that there is a easy fix for the square tracer problem for the SJ Spitfires and the SJ Fw-190's . It's here at SOH Thread : Hope this helps. Thank you Rob for the help.

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    Glass Reflectivity

    Is there a way to use a hex editor to modify the reflectivity or transparency of the cockpit glass in an aircraft model?

    Yes, I'm doing that constantly. The trick is learning what to look for in the pattern of numbers so you can edit the correct feature.

    *** Always make a back-up copy of the m3d before you start! ***

    The key to seeing the numbers is to have the editor set to show rows of 36 columns. This allows the section you need to find to stand out as all the patterns will start and end in the same vertical columns.

    The section you need to edit is the table of values just before the list of texture file names. (These are referenced in the table by their sequence number in the list. Start counting from the first one being 00.)

    In most cases, but not all, the glass does not have a texture number associated with it. The 8th pair will have some value less than FF (fully opaque). To check to see if I've found the right string of 36 pairs I will temporarily change the value in the 8th pair to FF and then look to see if the windows became opaque in the game.

    My current default values for reflective glass are 00 00 FF 00 99 99 99 12 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF FF 00 00 7E 43 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

    The third pair being set at FF makes it reflective.

    99 99 99 makes it light grey (BGR sequence) I don't find almost any WWII aircraft that actually had tinted glazing other than small pieces of thick bullet proof glass right in front of the pilot.

    12 makes it fairly transparent. This is based on studying many images from the time period that show barely any cloudiness in the glazing, which would have inhibited visibility.

    7E 43 is the maximum possible value (254) for the specular effect of sun glint. For painted surfaces I use 80 42 (64). Input floating values to get the hex code

    If there was a texture associated with the glass it would be the next pair after the specular values. For AnKor's shaders to work with glass correctly there should not be any texture assigned to the surface, and occasionally I have to delete it to get the look I want. In most cases this was done inside the cockpit to display a fake reflection of the cockpit interior overlaid on the surface of the glass. The problem is that it's static, and never looks correct from any angle or lighting condition. I usually just kill the static version and let AnKor's shaders take care of it dynamically for me.

    This desire for dynamic lighting effects has also prompted me to redraw a lot of exterior texture files, because prior to these new shaders the modelers had to bake the surface shading features into the texture (light on top, dark underneath). Unfortunately, depending on how the aircraft is maneuvering, this will look wrong most of the time. Additionally, this throws the shader calculations off as well (light colors are given more of a specular effect by the shaders), causing the inaccuracy to persist even with dynamic lighting in effect now.
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    Sopwith Camel's Guide to Alpha Masking Uploaded

    Sopwith's Guide to Using the Alpha Channel to Mask Objects. This is an excellent .pdf guide which explains in simple terms how to mask things on an aircraft texture sheet (or any .dds texture sheet, for that matter).

    A worked example is used, getting a pilot and a gunner to "vanish" from an A20 aircraft.

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    Be aware that the Alpha layer trick to make objects invisible is not entirely compatible with AnKor's shaders. If the m3d has it's drawing mode set to take advantage of a reflection map texture then the alpha layer information in the main texture will not be interpreted as being transparent (they'll be the original color of the texture). Knowing this can save you a lot of headaches when you try this trick and it doesn't work for no apparent reason.

    Also, the surface may not be reliably invisible if viewed from the back side (looking in the same direction as the surface normal of the poly). This can be see in the extra windows I added to the C-47 to create the Japanese L2D3 Tabby. Looking in the window on one side reveals the back of a solid surface where the matching windows are on the opposite side of the fuselage. Spin around to look through the windows on the other side and you'll see the same effect from the opposite direction.
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    Ahhh, the things we learn the hard way. I've had Spitfire_MkIXc_BS273 installed in ETO since late 2017, and had flow it in game a number of times. I recently turned off unlimited ammo, and suddenly the game crashed whenever I tried to fly this aircraft. It took a bit of trial and error to track the problem down to the change in ammo allowances, and not one of the more common reasons for an aircraft to not start in game.

    This high altitude aircraft has had the 0.303 guns "removed" by adding gunstation entries in the xdp file like:
    <GunStation UpLimit="0" DownLimit="0" LeftLimit="0" RightLimit="0" RateLimit="0" SystemID="right_guns" Tracer="40" Trainable="0" Trigger="0" Type="no_gun" Name="outer right Guns" ConvergeDistance="250" Pitch=".1489" MaxAmmo="0"/>

    Simply removing these entries didn't resolve the issue, so I followed it along to the next level with Type="no_gun".

    The no_gun.xdp looked proper enough, but I noticed that there were no weapon associated with it. DefaultWeapon=""

    I changed it to DefaultWeapon="SJ_null_round" and, viola, it worked again.

    SJ_null_round is:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <General Allegience="" LongName="" ShortName="" ModelName="" BlastDamageScale="1.0" ImpactDamageScale="1.0" FireDamageScale="1.0" Priority="0" Type="weapon" EnteredService="01/01/1944" BlastDamageMod="0" ImpactDamageMod="0" FireDamageMod="0" AllowSpawn="n" Category="weapon" Country="germany" Mass="0.00"/>
    <Description String="13 x 64B x 34.6 g"/>
    <Weapon WeaponType="bullet" ImpactDice="0" ImpactDieSize="0" ImpactOffset="0" BlastDice="0" BlastDieSize="0" BlastOffset="0" FireDice="0" FireDieSize="0" FireOffset="0" ExplodeEffect="xxx" GroundEffect="xxx" AirEffect="xxx" WaterEffect="xxx" TracerEffect="xxx"/>

    The moral of the story is;
    If unlimited weapons is switched on then none of this matters.
    If it is switched off, then CFS3 is going to very picky indeed about the referenced file requirements!
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    Windows 7 Install Fix

    Windows 7 install fix

    Modifying the CFS3.exe comes curtsey of Deadmeat1971. Original instructions can be found here
    Blacksheep-ghost03 and I have Win7 working in both on and off line sessions but have had to use different means to do so.
    These instructions assume that your game is installed on a C:\ partition
    Main game folder is located at c:\Programfiles\Microsoftgames\Combat Flight Simulator 3
    Install CFS3. Choose complete install option. Look for and uncheck the option to place short cut on desktop. Follow the instructions to complete the game install. Once done DO NOT choose run game now. Close all windows and go to desktop. If you have a short cut to CFS3.exe on your desktop delete it. Now browse to your main game folder. Right mouse click on the CFS3.exe and select COPY. Go to desktop and select PASTE. The CFS3.exe should now be on your desk top. Right mouse click on it and select rename. Change the name to CFS3win7. Right mouse click on the CFS3win7.exe and select CUT, browse to your main game folder and select paste. In the main game folder you should now have two .exe icons. The original one and the new CFS3win7 one. Right mouse click on the CFS3win7.exe and go to properties. Select Compatibility. Put a check mark in the “run this program in compatibility mode for” and then select Window XP SP3 in the drop down box.NOTE: This is the only choice that will work. SP2 will not. In privilege level at the bottom select “run this program as administrator” Click apply. Click OK. Now right mouse click on the CFS3win7.exe icon and select Send to and Desktop(created shortcut). Close all windows. You should have an icon on the desktop that is named CFS3win7. Go to properties on this and double check that Windows XP SP3 and administrator settings are selected in compatibility. If they aren’t select them and click OK. Run the game for the first time. If it’s OK then apply the CFS3 patches. Test in multiplayer if required
    This method worked on my system but not on Blacksheep-ghost03. For his system he applied step 2 which involves applying the same settings but to the original CFS3.exe
    Step two
    If you have installed the game as above and created the new icon and it doesn’t work or won’t fly in multiplayer, delete the CFS3win7 icon from your desktop. Browse to your main game folder and delete the CFS3win7.exe. You should now have only the original CFS3 .exe in the game folder and no icons on your desktop. Right mouse click on the CFS3.exe and follow the same steps as above for compatibility and privilege level. Once done create a shortcut for the CFS3.exe on your desktop. Check that the compatibility and privilege settings are correct. Run the game. If it works apply the CFS3 patches. Test in multiplayer if required.
    WINDOWS 7 64 BIT
    I have Windows 7 64 bit installed. It would not run multi player regardless of the steps performed above and would crash to desktop. Event viewer described an MFC70.DLL error. I browsed and found an old Microsoft article that referred to the same type of issue I was having.
    I followed the recommended fix. Go to main game folder and delete the OLEACC.DLL file. After doing this my game runs fine and I can host and join multiplayer games.
    Hope this works for you too.
    Special thanks to Deadmeat1971 and Blacksheep-ghost03 for their contributions

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

    Re this fix above for CFS3 with Win7 OS. ( post #30)

    Before changing the cfs3.exe to win7cfs3.exe; or win10cfs3.exe, or anything else, this will cause problems with some of Gecko's new work such as the Spitfire Mk. II Package ( and the Fw190A?), which will only work with the name cfs3,exe. See Thread #84.

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