F-5 Tim Conrad Dutch repaints
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Thread: F-5 Tim Conrad Dutch repaints

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    F-5 Tim Conrad Dutch repaints


    There are some dutch repaints for this great F-5, but I have lost them...
    Anyone knows where te download?

    hope you can help me out!

    Thanks in advance :salute:

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    Henry William did them, if I remember right. Search under his name at flightsim.com - there you should find them.


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    Hi Dirk,

    You're right! looking for them now, Thanks:ernae:

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    No luck! the files are not on flightsim.com

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    on Avsim that are Henry Williams Dutch Paints Converted to FS9 but I also did not find FSX version of those Paints

    Best Regards

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