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    Phoenix Squadron

    For anyone out there that has even a remote interest in Naval Aviation:

    Fantastic read, factual, well written and bloody well researched. Found it by accident last week, saw the cover with the Banana Jet (Buccaneer) on the cover and bought it simply for that reason. Yeah... I know... Sad.

    P.S. If you want another extremely good read then grab a copy of 100 Missions North by Brig Gen Ken Bell USAF Rtd.

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    Vulcan 607 is another gripping one... the cover on that one grabbed me...

    Rowland writes these books so well, taking time to really question the crews and get himself into their way of telling it combined with the facts... well worth reading!
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    Thanks guys I will definitely be adding those to my library!
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    Yes, both of those books are very interesting reads, particularly Phoenix Squadron.
    First Light by Geoffrey Wellum is a must read. It tells his story of leaving school at 17 and joining the RAF as a Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain.
    I did red somewhere that officer cadets were issued a copy as part of their reading list when they enter Cramwell. Itís a very good, well written book, and very entertaining.
    Iíve often thought it would be good to do aviation book reviews here on SOH.
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