AS F-16C of Desert Storm Al Kharj AB
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Thread: AS F-16C of Desert Storm Al Kharj AB

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    AS F-16C of Desert Storm Al Kharj AB

    With the new AS F-16C flying it seems to me she needed a South Carolina ANG version and their airbase at Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia. Here is what I have so far. What a fun aircraft to fly.


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    Nice shots Tom! Where'd you get the scenery, looks good.

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    Michael, the scenery is a work in progress. I have added everything from the library in FSX with many of the objects from your MCDMilitary Library. I just wish I could find a good static F-16 for the ramp.

    The fuel depot and some other objects are still to come.


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    More Shots

    The Al Kharj AB is taking shape. More support personel, an ammo dump, a fuel area and a new hospital. Now if I can find a good static F-16 to put on the ramp.


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    You could use Henry Tomkiewicz's F-16s along with flightplans and AFCADs, so the airplanes aren't entirely static. Also don't forget the mighty C-130. It was slightly before my time, but my unit was at Al Kharj along with a few others.

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    Thanks Railrunner130, I had completely forgotten about Henry's F-16s. I will make a bunch of AFCADS to give some life to Al Kharj. The C-130 will come to life as well. Appreciate the help. More pictures to come.


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    Railrunner, when did you join up at MAAM? Hope to see you up there for the Volunteers Meeting in March.... or before.
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    F-16s Have arrived at Al Kharj

    Railrunner, the F-16s have arrived at Al Kharj along with the support Cargo aircraft. The airbase is taking shape. Not having been at Al Kharj during Desert Storm as you were I can only imagine what the base was like but this production gives us a place to fly our F-16s much as it was in 1991.


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    One more shot of the F-16s from the 157ths

    Here is another view the the F-16s from the 157th at Al Kharj 1991


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    I was a member up there for a few years. I haven't updated my membership in a while- too darn busy. I want to, just need the time. BTW- It looks like ATC closed again. Oh well....

    I personally never made it to Al Kharj until 2003, by which time it was really built up and called PSAB. We broke there for a few days. I went back about six months later when they closed it down. You wouldn't believe all the empty concrete...

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