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    An interesting problem

    Ok... here's an interesting quandry.

    Flight dynamics set up and working flawlessly in FS9... has a small issue in FSX that I can't explain.

    In FSX the aircraft wants to 'porpoise' at higher altitudes, but not at lower ones. It exhibits none of this behavior in FS9 whatsoever.

    Any thoughts?
    Ed Wilson
    Gauge Programmer
    Gauged Approach

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    if by porpoise do you mean a very slow up and down movement, or more of a pulse which gets faster with speed? if its the later up the pitch moe number in the aircraft.cfg a tad.
    If its very slow up down movement check that trim isnt moving back and forth due to a spiky key assignment or the auto pilot is on.
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    It's a slow movement and I believe the problem's been solved.

    It was an error compounded by another error which in FS9 apparently has no effect, but in FSX causes the behavior.
    Ed Wilson
    Gauge Programmer
    Gauged Approach

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