Air Show accident
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    Air Show accident

    I was sent this clip. This guy must be one hell of a pilot.:isadizzy::isadizzy:

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    because I don't have small pictures
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    FAKE!! Previously noted. :d


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    Okay, guys. There is no further debate needed.


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    Here's a guy that actually DID land with one wing.

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    Grizz, you sure ruined my day when ya told me that was fake after I sent it out to a few guys!!!Damn...can't trust anything any more!!
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    ahh! I cant view the vid!! it says video no longer available!

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    pm me your email and i'll send ya a copy
    There are 2 constants in the universe:
    Hydrogen and stupidity!

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    Middle don't feel bad, I sent it to several of my buddies thinking this was the feat of all times. One of them fired back with the website that debunks the hoax. The absolute proof when you look at the compared still photos is the distance between the front of the wing and the end of the nose. The RC model for the scale obviously has a much longer nose, which sticks out like a sore thumb when you get a side by side shot. Admittedly its one of the best fakes I have ever seen.


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