Looking for some FSX reinstall advice
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Thread: Looking for some FSX reinstall advice

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    Looking for some FSX reinstall advice

    Hi all

    My FSX install (on Vista Home, Deluxe plus SPs and Acceleration) has become bloated with lots of sceneries probably fighting each other and addon planes i don't use any more, so i am leaning towards a proper reinstall, deleting all my addons and then reinstalling the ones i use the most (Orbyx, Aerosoft's Discus, CumulusX, Dave Garwood freewares etc).

    I can't seem to find a guide to doing this sort of thing and hoping folks here can help. I'm looking for more than just "select reinstall instead of repair", i'm hoping to find advice on how to manage the whole process more efficiently, cleaning registries, the most important addons to put back etc.

    I also have a couple of other questions:

    Is it necessary to delete and reinstall things like ASX that sit outside the program at the same time? Can I leave them alone and will they work properly with my "new" install?

    Is there a recommended order i should follow in putting back addons (ie landclasses and scenery first)?

    thanks in advance

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    Ok................Uninstall everything ( I would also include items outside FSX, but not necessary as you can just rerun the installer)

    Then defragg and reboot to clear your Ram and reset

    install FSX..Fly a short flight... Shut down defragg

    Install Acceleration..Short flight, shut down..defragg..reboot


    gex..Fex..UTX..whatever..Defragg between each install......

    Now set up FSX and enjoy...

    Oh yea...after all is installed..Rerun the installers for your texture rewrite programs that sit outside FSX..Defragg

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