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    The most recent update seems to be from 2010, and at this point, I would be very surprised to see this one come to fruition.

    Also, judging by the recent Virtualcol Jetstream release thread:


    Mr. Piper stated "Saves me a job...." so unless I am interpreting this incorrectly, he doesn't seem too enthusiastic about finishing his project.

    It's unfortunate, but reviving an aged thread probably won't help much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StormILM View Post
    Bummer, looked very promising.
    It certainly does. Maybe if someone has reliable contact information, they can ask if Mr. Piper still plans on completing the project sometime in the future, or if he has abandoned development.
    It looks like it was nearing completion, so it would be a shame if all of that work was for nothing.

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    Maybe he was just referring to the J-31 as an extension to his project and that he wont do that now.....Rick Piper's Jetstream is quite a bit different than a J-31 (different engines, instruments etc)

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    Rick has been kept away from FS due to work and personal matters. Whether this will ever get finished, I don't know.

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    repaint for the freeware Handley Page Jetstream for FSX from

    Hi everybody

    At flightsim they are posting textures indicating to :Copy the texture folder into the 'FSDS3 HP.137 Jetstream 1'

    And "A repaint for the freeware Handley Page Jetstream for FSX from Rick Piper at Classic British Flight Sim"

    It seems to me impossible to find that Rick Piper beautufull model, and according to what i read, Mr Rick Piper has another tasks that prevent him to accomplish such a EXCELLENT work.

    I'm wrong and ther is a way, page, link to get the Jetstream.

    Any eludation wolud be aprreceited.


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    The Jetstream is available from the CBFS forum here :

    Edit: note, you'll need to be a member there. It's free though.
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