FDG2 FM-2 Wildcat
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Thread: FDG2 FM-2 Wildcat

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    FDG2 FM-2 Wildcat

    I love flying this model but I keep getting an error that CFS2 can't find Wep_f4f_drop_tank. I've searched high and low and I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help?

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    Paper Trail...

    According to the Archive Search:

    " ...the wep_f4f_drop_tank is a weapons add-on that comes with the donationware F4F.... you have to make the req'd donation to get this plane from SOH... "

    That particular plane is no longer Donationware, and can be downloaded for free here:


    Happy Hunting !

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    Speaking of FDG2 Wildcats

    Is there any update on the release of the CFS2 specific model for the CatFish?


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    These are some more files i lost when my hard drive went down, Where can i get FDG2's FM-2 for CFS2
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