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Thread: Conspicuous by Their Absence

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    Reportedly, quite a wild thing.

    Hello Smilo,
    As you like wild birds, IŽm sure youŽll like a Tigercat!
    Having a garden or living near a forest is great for wild birds
    and other animals. My brother once had a weasel visiting
    - it took care of a mole that had made a mess of the vegetables.
    A skunk lived under his house for a while too!

    California (my heart bleeds with the news of the current fire disaster
    there) is better for wildlife than here, but we have are interesting lizards
    in the mountains, including rare, shiny metallic copper ones with a black
    stripe down the side.

    Though no garden, we have an outside patio, so our ginger cat is as wild
    as can be got here in the urban surroundings.

    Anyway - we are not totally off topic: The planeŽs the Tigercat.
    Tigers are wild, Cats sometimes too, also weasels, moles and skunks.
    Birds fly, and planes do too!

    So, everything here is on-topic, WILD being the operative word.
    According to quite a few, the Tigercat was just about the wildest plane
    in the Navy and the Marine Corps at the time, so it definitely makes for
    an exciting project.

    The .air file will obviously be quite a challenge. The 1st production model
    Tigercat engines seem to be quite close to the engine on the P47d, so
    that one could be souped up just a little to meet the specs.

    Propeller size seems very similar too, but with 3 blades instead of the 4.
    Ceiling was 36200 ft and Critical Altitude 19200 ft, lower than for the P47d,
    so the supercharger will need a some adjusting.

    WEP Power on this Tigercat was 2x2400 Hp at 2800 RPM, and at 1000 ft, it
    did 400 mph. RoC was 4360 fpm. That sounds pretty darn wild, and will make
    it quite fantastic to build, IŽd say.

    In the next few days IŽll turn the 3-views into some 2D AF99 templates for
    the basic shape-layout, and to get a platform for a first draft of the .air file.
    ...with a new thread, of course!

    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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    Texturing Exercise

    The recent work on the Smilo's Hammer Thunderbolt got me to thinking:
    Many of the projects that get stalled in my shop are stuck because of textures.
    Sometimes I have a certain paint scheme in mind for a project but it is beyond my abilities to do at the time.
    As we learn with each project, what was impossible earlier may become just difficult but possible.

    This Albatros D.Va is such a project.
    I wanted it to wear the Lozenge scheme that was used by many German aircraft of the Great War.
    Attached are my first attempts at actually applying such a pattern to the Top Wing of the Albatros.

    Getting the proper pattern printed on quality linen was difficult at first because the colours always came out just a bit different than I had expected. The most recent bolts of fabric seem to have come out reasonably well at least for the top surfaces.
    My Technicians are more familiar with working in metal than in sewing and stretching and sewing fabric onto a wooden frame, but this looks like a pretty fair first attempt.
    They didn't get the alignment quite right, so there will be another attempt soon.

    - Ivan.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Albatros_Untextured.jpg   Albatros_RibTape.jpg   Albatros_LozengeFabric.jpg  

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    Aligning the textures wasn't very difficult. I had shifted the wrong side which is why they didn't quite match.
    First screenshot shows the corrected upper wing surface. Covering the underside should be pretty trivial at this point.
    Second screenshot shows the general shape of this aircraft.
    It still carries the headrest even though they were often removed in the field.
    Third screenshot shows the current Virtual Cockpit which obviously needs some SCASM adjustments.
    The Upper Wing should not show through the Windscreen and the Coolant Pipe to the Radiator mounted in the Upper Wing is obviously not quite connected.

    - Ivan.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Albatros_LozengeAligned.jpg   Albatros_RFLevel.jpg   Albatros_VCockpitFore.jpg  

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    A expected, texturing the underside of the Top Wing was not difficult.
    It is quite difficult to confirm that the alignment is correct through the center section because the Fuselage and Cabane Struts obstruct a direct view.
    A view from the cockpit is at such an angle that the joints between each piece of fabric are hard to see (as they should be).

    Next step is to map textures for the Bottom Wing and Tail Surfaces and the Ailerons.
    The Wings are covered with fabric running in a chord-wise direction but typically the Ailerons were done span-wise.

    This texturing method seems to have worked much better than I had expected.

    - Ivan.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Albatros_LozengeBottom.jpg  

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    More Texturing Fun

    I actually hate laying out textures.

    Most of the horizontal (Top-Bottom) textures are mapped at this point.
    Even the little airfoil between the wheels has been mapped.
    Redoing the Lozenge camouflage will not be difficult but first there needs to be a Radiator installed and some National Insignia painted on the wing surfaces.

    There seems to be a slight bit of weirdness in the Elevator textures though I know everything is the same left to right.

    - Ivan.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Albatros_PartialTextures.jpg   Albatros_StrangeElevator.jpg  

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    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas to all!
    I hope you have a nice few days.
    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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