Amazing what one can find at Goodwill these days...
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Thread: Amazing what one can find at Goodwill these days...

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    Amazing what one can find at Goodwill these days...

    Hey all,
    this morning my wife dragged me into the local Goodwill looking for some clothes. I didn't think too much of it until I wandered near the back. I found among other things a clock radio identical to the one I had when I was a kid and (wait for it....wait for it....drum roll.....)
    ...a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro stick!!!
    After the initial rolling of the eyes by my wife I had it bought and paid for (along with the pile of clothes she found...I didn't even have to bring that up to justify getting the Sidewinder).
    I took it home and much to my joy and surprise works perfectly!!! Here's the best was only $2.00!!!
    It goes good with my other MS Sidewinder Precision Pro (both are non FFB models so there are less parts to break). Granted my old Sidewinder is still working fine but I know at some point it will die on me and this one has less slop in the middle (not by much but still...) I'm just so ecstatic right now about this. Just wanted to share.

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    Back a number of years ago, oh, around mid-2004 I'd say, when I got CFS3 I bought my first joystick at a thrift store. And my second, and third.... I must have bought nearly a dozen different joysticks at one thrift store or another. They all worked, all $2.00 or less. I never got lucky enough to find a really nice stick though.

    About this same time, however, Deb and I walked into our local Salvation Army Thrift store and picked up an entire Kenwood component stereo system...still in the factory boxes with all paper work, for $143 (including tax). The system had been purchased from one of the local electronics stores and the purchaser discovered that the 6 disc CD-changer did not returned it to the store. The store donated it to the thrift store. I pitched the 6-disc CD changer in favor of a progressive scan 5 disc CD/DVD changer ($95, on clearance to make room for the new models). That stereo system came equipped with Polk Audio floor speakers that were 3 feet tall, 2 1/2 feet wide and nearly 2 feet deep...sounded AWESOME.


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    I was in a flea market yesterday when I came across a box of aircraft profile books, like the Walk Around series. They are from England, blue cover, about 1976 or so. What a find! Hundreds of 3-views and detailed liveries for fighters and bombers. Already thinking about my next project.
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    Several years ago, Mrs Willy was out at garage sales and called me to ask if I was interested in a joystick that was still in the box. I asked what kind and she said MS Sidewinder Precision Pro. I said yes and she picked it up for $5. I've got it stashed in the attic in case my old one that I bought new in 1999 dies on me.

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    I used to drive a refuse collection truck, and at one house I found 2 steering wheels and a set of pedals, all were good and usable. At that time I was still using the old joy stick controller card, not USB. I used the pedals for years flying in CFS and FS2002.

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    All you fellow serious plastic model makers out there will appreciate this one.

    My best find ever was in the late 70's after scouring a local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I found, in the original unopened box, a Mattel Vacu-Form machine! It had all the original 4x4 sheet plastic, original molds (some farm animals and other stuff) and hard plactic vacuum form table.

    Price - un-negotiated - $.50!

    Still have it. Still works. Still use it!


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    Duckie thats truly is a good find, and Doug thats what i'd call a great find, they're my main source for my aviation profile art :ernae:

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    Some awesome deals!

    Always good to have a backup joystick or 2. A family member or friend may need one as well. Good to have them 'in stock' lol....

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    Earlier this year, the Salvation Army thrift store was given PILES of model aircraft. The first time I was in and saw them, I had no money. Went back a week later with enough money to buy a goodly number of them, and the selection was not so great. One guy had purchased over $300 worth of those models. I did get a few that I will work on this winter. T-6 Texan, F3F, Mig-21, Hawk (the British jet trainer...T-45 looking thing).


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    Quote Originally Posted by OBIO View Post
    Hawk (the British jet trainer...T-45 looking thing
    The T-45 of course being the navalised version of the hawk....

    I think my best deal was at popham aerojumble about 4 years ago (when I was still of FS98/2000 and CFS1) I found a copy of RAF2000 for 20p, still boxed, unopened (still got that somewhere too, thinking about playing with it for AI models).
    All modern aircraft have four dimensions: Length, Width, Height and Polotics. The TSR.2 simply got the first three right

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    yeah it's great what you can find at jumble sales/charity shops, i think my best was a couple of HAF shoulder patches 348, 335 and 337 mira all for.... 20p each couldn't argue with that, show me anything HAF though i go all weak at the knees and the wallett appears ready for front line duty of getting the stuff before anyone else can

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    I just bought a copy of "The History of the RAF" for $10 from a local second hand bookstore. It's a large hardcover coffee table book in mint condition.

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    I better find a local Thrift Store and comb that place!!!

    I am off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday , I will be in those places...



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    I'm heading to the Goodwill tomorrow....not shopping for anything for me, but need to find some fabric to make a new cover for the bird cage. Me....sewing! I used to be a redneck hillbilly who hunted, fished, worked on fast cars. Now, after only 5 years of marriage, I make bird cage covers and decorate the house.


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    LMAO!! Wait till you have 20+ years in like me, She Who Must Be Obeyed has me trained to not even argue about using the hot pink leash when walking the dust mop with legs.......

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