Update on my FFS Extra300 Repaint
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Thread: Update on my FFS Extra300 Repaint

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    Update on my FFS Extra300 Repaint

    will have a short delay hope that this delay will be only 1-2 days
    because of school related work!


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    my site forum is up but I set into Maintenance Mode until everything finished
    but i am quite happy with the results


    stay tuned


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    start of regular work of my site scheduled for tomorow
    please note that like here at SOH at least one post will be necessary to access my downloadsection
    main reason for me to built my own site/forum is to be able to give better support when needed

    think the Extra300L Repaint will be up on Friday


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    paint is finished now!

    will be uploaded in the late evening!


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    Hi Tom, That looks amazing! also looking for a aerobatic flightsim site, good shot mate! keep us updated to your site too

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    I would highly recommend to download this file before Install my repaint
    pbextra9.zip by George Csillag at Flightsim.com it has very good air file
    capable of quite any aerobatic manouver that can be flight


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    as promised uploaded here a minute ago
    think will be up for download soon


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