I'm trying to figure out an issue with Iavn's I6s for CFS2/FS9. I can't control prop pitch in any of Ivan's I-16s from the Type 24 to his Type 29.

From the Type 18 and down its works fine.

But in the planes that it works fine in I looked at their airfiles and its saying the the max rpm that the engine is producing in 3000. The I-16's engine never produced more then 1100hp at 2300rpm, so 3000rpms is much too high.

The rpm setting is correct in the Type 24-29 though. Is there another limiting factor in the airfile I haven't seen yet? Whne I fly the Type 18 I pull the pitch control all the way back and it drops to only 2600rpms, not the 1400 set in the airfile.