Flaps are gone..and engine performance question
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Thread: Flaps are gone..and engine performance question

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    Flaps are gone..and engine performance question

    Anybody know what would make the flap animation and effect disappear from the 2002 DSB Eurofighter? One time all working, next load up nada . Was working on cfg performance at the time. Fresh original still not working. Would like to get it to work unless there is a good freeware 2004 model out there.
    And why is it that I can get mach 1.4 at 3000ft but barely 400mph at 30000ft? is there an engine tweak I can make?
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    Don't know about the flaps, but when you talk about the airspeed, are you talking "Indicated" or actual ground speed (check the GPS for that). At FL300 there's just not enough air to get an accurate airspeed reading from the pitot/static system. Up there, you have to rely on the Mach indicator.

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    Thanks Tom, hadn't thought of that. But really would like to figure out the flap thing.
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    You could try the Iris Forums, but I don't know if they still support the older stuff.

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    ok 400mph at about 30,000ft is around (or just over mach 1), and 1400mph at sea level sounds about right but you should never do in excess of mach 1 over land (in the UK anyways) unless permission is granted a Typhoon a while back here in the UK had an oxy failure and dived, breaking mach 1 in the process over land, lets just say the pilot got a stern talking to

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    Let's see... I could irritate a few people with a loud bang, or I could stay up here and die from lack of oxygen. What should I do...?:isadizzy:

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    oh he had enough oxygen to stay below mach1 in a descent i bet he thought "hmm emergency better get this thing back low...FAST!"

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    Don't know where the problems people have with sonic booms come from, I know there is all the "shattering windows, scaring cows and people die if they reach speeds of more than 15mph" thing but I bet low flying chinooks scare cows and I know for a fact that they've broken windows........

    OK rant off.

    As for the flaps has the controlling gauge been corrupted or removed from the panel?
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    The flaps may be speed limited. Check the flaps section of the cfg to note the added entries.

    type = 1
    span-outboard = 0.5
    extending-time = 1
    flaps-position.0 = 0
    flaps-position.1 = 15, 114
    flaps-position.2 = 30, 109
    flaps-position.3 = 45, 104
    damaging-speed = 114
    blowout-speed = 124

    system_type = 1
    lift_scalar = 1
    drag_scalar = 1
    pitch_scalar = 1

    And, you may also have these limits:

    gear_warning_available = 1
    pct_throttle_limit = 0.1
    flap_limit_idle = 33.75
    flap_limit_power = 16.875
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    I'll check those things out Milt. I did make sure speed was well below 180 but they won't deploy on the ground either. Darndest thing. I did swap in a better panel which I thought might have affected something but the re-install from the source didn't fix anything.
    This is what there is:

    [flaps.0] //Trailing Edge Flaps
    type=1 // 1 - tail, 2 - lead
    span-outboard=0.8 // 0.0 .. 1.0
    extending-time=5 // seconds
    flaps-position.0=0 // degrees
    flaps-position.1=0 // degrees
    flaps-position.2=20 // degrees
    flaps-position.3=30 // degrees
    damaging-speed=250 // KIAS
    blowout-speed=300 // KIAS
    system_type=1 //Hydraulic
    [flaps.1] //Leading Edge Flaps
    type=2 // 1 - tail, 2 - lead
    span-outboard=0.8 // 0.0 .. 1.0
    extending-time=3 // seconds
    flaps-position.0=0 //
    flaps-position.1=15 //
    damaging-speed=250 // KIAS
    blowout-speed=300 // KIAS

    Is there a flap dependence on hydraulic or electrical system values? When I was making a working version of an FS2000 NASA Shuttle test Boeing 737 for FS9 the gear only worked when I added a correct hydraulic system value.
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    Seems it is now fixed. I put in 1000 for hydraulic system pressure and it now works. So I guess my answer is yes they are dependent, at least here. So I'm now finishing up on getting a stable Mach 1.8 and some better ground handling. The extra textures for this one are nice too.
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