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    My thanks and congratulations for such an excellent thread. The elements here clearly point to what makes this such a congenial community and flight simulation site, and goes some of the way in explaining the special feeling every time one visits.

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    Here's some more. I just saw this uploaded today on Avsim and I just tried it out quickly so no screenshots but it's worth a plug IMHO.

    Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Scenery New!
    KGFL - Glens Falls, NY - Bennett Memorial Field - Ver. 2.2

    Images related to this file:

    File Description:
    KGFL - Glens Falls, Floyd Bennett Memorial v2.2, located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY USA, this facility is owned by Warren County and run by RichAir. Although it has a 5000 ft main rwy, KGFL is a Non-controlled airfield catering to small engine a/c up to a few private jet daily traffic serving 'The Northcountry' New York. KGFL recently received several upgrades including 4 new GA hangars large enough to accommodate the needs of business jets. All Objects fully designed and completely redone in GMAX using high resolution custom photo-real 32bit textures. Optional DTX textures included. Also includes new AFCAD file, more accurate airport grounds perimeter, satellite photo-real grounds, custom taxiways, taxi-signs and taxi lights, area roads, animated hangar doors, and near area landclass. No AI traffic tracks included with this release, but afcad designed to support several AI. Rwy12 objects required for a few static a/c and parking lot light poles. This file contains Mipmapped Textures and grounds updates! By EdGeneer Cox.

    Author: EdGeneer Cox

    Also recommended is John Loney's Plymouth MA (KPYM) scenery which can be found on flightsim
    or here (at this link) -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild Bill Kelso View Post
    Second that!
    She's soooo cute, and the VC is simply awesome.

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 General Aviation FS2004 DeHavilland Chipmunk
    [ Download | View ]
    Name: Size: 17,401,384 Date: 07-31-2004 Downloads: 20,055
    FS2004 DeHavilland Chipmunk. T10, Mk20, Mk30 models included. Includes model, panel, sounds, manual, check and reference lists. Model, FDE and textures by Rick Piper. Panel by Dave Booker, Saverio Maurri and David Maltby This file contains Dh Gipsy Major sounds by Mike Hambly. (See also CHIPMK12.ZIP)

    Too bad that Tim-HH already did the Lufthansa version...

    Found some nice work for the MK30 that caught my eye. The paints are for the wrong fuselage, but nicely done.

    FS2004 DeHavilland Super Chipmunk MK30
    [ Download | View ]
    Name: Size: 435,986 Date: 05-05-2008 Downloads: 402

    FS2004 DeHavilland Super Chipmunk MK30. Art Scholl's Super Chipmunk - Art Scholl remains one of the greatest aerobatic performers of all time. Year after year, from the late 1950s to the mid 1980s he added unique airshow flourishes, like riding on his own wing, aerobatics with his dog Aileron nestled in the cockpit behind him, picking up a ribbon near the ground with his vertical fin and dramatically flying a low-level outside loop from the top down. Textures only; requires CHPMNK04.ZIP and CHIPMK12.ZIP. Model by Rick Piper.

    FS2004 Volk Super Chipmunk Fix
    [ Download | View ]
    Name: Size: 541,175 Date: 05-12-2008 Downloads: 249

    FS2004 Volk Super Chipmunk Fix, for use with VOLKCHIP.ZIP. By Thomas Johaness.
    FS2004 Volk DeHavilland Super Chipmunk MK30
    [ Download | View ]
    Name: Size: 540,918 Date: 05-11-2008 Downloads: 264

    FS2004 Volk DeHavilland Super Chipmunk MK30. Textures only; requires CHPMNK04.ZIP and CHIPMK12.ZIP. Model by Rick Piper. By Thomas Johaness. (See also VOLKCFIX.ZIP)

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    i remember someone asking me how to go about art scholls repaint on RP's chippy, back when AGNTextures had a forums
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    Did anyone mention LIRF from ISD Project???

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery FS2004 Scenery--LIRF 2005
    [ Download | View ]
    Name: Size: 15,932,741 Date: 01-22-2005 Downloads: 12,210
    FS2004 Scenery--LIRF 2005. Scenery of Roma Fiumicini "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport in Rome, Italy. By Alessandro Savarese and Alessandro Simonato (ISD Project).

    Excellent LIRF and not all that bad on frames.... (relatively, especially for the detail involved)

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    Also, I think the might have been mentioned, but if not...

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery FS2004 Scenery--Tolmachevo - 2008
    [ Download | View ]
    Name: Size: 58,782,457 Date: 07-07-2008 Downloads: 1,887
    FS2004 Scenery--Tolmachevo - 2008 (UNNT), Novosibirsk, Russia. The main features of "Tolmachevo-2008" scenery are the scenery has been developed considering changes that have taken place within the last three years; a photo-terrain of the airfield and surroundings has been created; the airport has been moved to its actual position; the scenery's area has been noticeably extended: a complex of warehouses to the south of the airport, military area buildings and the city of Ob have been added; a visual model of the runway lighting equipment has been created--it consists of runway lights, aproach lights and PAPI lights; moving airport vehicles and active jetways have been introduced; new models and textures of the airport vehicles have been made. By Tolmachevo Team: Fedor Burakov (a.k.a. Hawker) scenery design and Usachev Pavel AFCAD and information support. (See also UNNT_104.ZIP)

    way the heck out there but worth a stop in a heavy jet... i mean, how many folks fly to Kazakhstan or there abouts. UNNT is north of that!

    Remember: It's break ground, and fly into the wind..

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    Today I downloaded the Armstrong Whitworth Argosy by Rick Piper. Somehow I had never noticed this one before. It has a good VC and exterior model considering it was already released in 2005.

    It is a bit more of a challenge to fly because the engines can overheat or ice up. So read the manual before your first flight or you could have a nasty surprise mid flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OleBoy View Post
    Boeing Stearman Model 75 Duster and Sprayer package

    FS2004 Stearman Model 75 Duster and Sprayer Package. Boeing Stearman Model 75 Duster and Sprayer. A four-airplane package for FS2004 that represents a 10-year history of one ag-plane from 1955 to 1965. Features four highly detailed models with fully animated parts, detailed and animated pilot figure, visual effects, complex virtual cockpit with clickable controls, custom gauges, and engine damage modeling. Each model has accurate flight dynamics, with realistic stalls, high drag slips, and spins with autorotation. This package also includes as scenery an ag-operations hangar, and dirt airstrip. By Robert Sanderson. 30.2MB

    Scroll down a little once you get to the page UPDATE for this package

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    Boeing B-29B Superfortress By Tom Kohler

    Goto and do a search for it :ernae:

    Also check uploads here ads&FileUploadName=Gnoopey in the SOH archives

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    Although there's a lot of Combat Flight Simulator related stuff, thought I'd share this too. Browse through it. There's got to be something for everyone's liking

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    Wink Shadows ?


    Boeing Stearman Model 75 Duster and Sprayer package
    IMHO it's some problems of shadows rendering for this Stearman ....
    I'm sure .. the plane is not floating above the ground (if I modify the contacts points the wheels will sink in the ground but the shadow will stay weird)

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    a freeware gem i keep coming back too

    Piglets T33 will always be in my hanger, after reinstalling FS9, she's the first add-on plane installed, easy to fly but challanging enough to be fun,
    i esp like the larg amount of paints you can download, there dos'nt seem to be an airforce that did'nt fly the T33. here's some of my fav's

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    Yep, this T-Bird is still amazing!
    One (of the several) things I love on Piglet's planes is the varying appearance of the bare metal panels: Each of those tin plates looks different!
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    A very nice plane indeed. Funny thing is: it landed in my FSX hangar just two weeks ago

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    Another one from

    I love French fighters as they are really diffenrent. And Restauravia's model of the MB.152 is very nice and should definitely be mentioned here in my opinion.


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    This is reallly a good thread !!! How about the DSB F-5s, F-20s, and the UH-1 Hueys. And don't forget all the freeware that Alphasim has.

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    Well if you're going DSB/Iris, don't forget about the updated Tornados and the Mig-27 available here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Underdog View Post
    This is reallly a good thread !!! How about the DSB F-5s, F-20s, and the UH-1 Hueys. And don't forget all the freeware that Alphasim has.

    Where did you get this B-57 paint ?

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    very nice Canberra B-57 here along with some fine paint work:
    T Square

    The Load Toad

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    One more gem to be added (strange that it hasn't been mentioned before...):

    It's the AFG Beechcraft Kingair 300.
    I know - it smells like a boyscout camp full of coleman lanterns, but it's terrifying well modeled and textured and flies like a dream.

    Get it here:

    Btw: This is a little sneak preview for my next repaint...
    Please keep the secret!

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    Your secret is safe with me Markus


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    It looks like this has finally run its course. I'm going to leave it stuck here for another week, and in the meantime I'll start compiling all of the links in a single file. Once that's done, I'll have to figure out a good way to find a permanent spot for everything...

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    Great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by huub vink View Post
    Another one from

    I love French fighters as they are really diffenrent. And Restauravia's model of the MB.152 is very nice and should definitely be mentioned here in my opinion.

    But it's for FS X........

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    The restauravia bloch 152 also works in FS9...

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    Some planes quickly, before it's too late...
    Too lazy to go through everything (Thanks in advance, Tom) so maybe some have been mentioned.
    Google is your friend here: the information will probably take you to your favourite download site anyway.

    Wozzastang in photoreal liveries (here by Javis) remains a firm favourite gem:

    Absolutely not my kind of aircraft, but lovely model:

    Nemeth original, get the "customised" version upgraded by the folks at Hovercontrol. Just brilliant.

    Low 'n slow, and highly aerobatic?
    Makes a Moth look silly. Gorgeous model.

    A stalwart, some outside-the-square thinking too.
    Possibly the best original sound in Flight Simulator:

    Stunning 65th anniversary model, can't think what you do with it, other than fly over the Channel:

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