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Thread: Freeware Gems

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    At - a stunning scenery

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 SceneryFS2004 CYQR 2015 Regina Airport Scenery
    [ Download | View ]
    Size: 196,289,480 Date: 08-13-2015 Downloads: 72

    FS2004 CYQR 2015 Regina Airport Scenery. Regina Airport can trace its history back to 1919, when Regina airport became the first registered "air harbour" in Canada. This FS2004 scenery of CYQR represents the airport as it was in spring of 2015. It includes detailed models of all major airport buildings as well as the major landmark buildings of the Regina City and those on the Runway approaches. By Gregory Putz.

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    I just looked through all these stunning pages of Freeware Gems.
    It's sad that many of the download pages mentioned have disappeared, but most of the planes can be found else-ware, with some completely gone.

    Wonderful & mostly forgotten stuff for our FS2004.

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    SECTIONF8 F-86 Sabre.

    I was not going to put my best plane in all of FSX," only stating my opinion" is the great free SECTIONF8 F-86 Sabre.! Ihave 139 textures for it thanks to a good friend and the pilot has my face flying it, again thanks to my friend. Lots of black smoke and guns and all showing on my 43 inch TV screen hooked to my computer, it don't get much better then that! Lee

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    Akemi Mizoguchi planes

    Since he passed away, they have been uploaded here for posterity, CFS2 models, that work in FS9 with the usual adjustments.



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