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    Takes me back to my first airline flights, Ralf !

    Edinburgh-Heathrow in the wondrous Viscount - a lovely experience - oh, those big, big windows......

    then Heathrow-Jersey in the BEA Dakota. Never forget the surprise of entering the rear door and having to climb...

    How civilized it all was in those days. Nice find, Ralf.

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    Yup, the Dakota was probably a Pionair, named after a famous explorer (preferably one who got back alive). Not sure if I ever went in a Viscount, but there was at least one VC-10 to Paris before going further south to Nimes by Air Inter. Went by Air France Caravelle direct to Nice in '73 and the place I was staying on the other side of the bay gave fantastic views of aircraft landing by night which was pretty cool. More often in the '60s we went to France by what was called the 'Boat-Train', sleeping in a Wagon Lit while the (huge black steam!) engine took us south through the night. Years later I found myself gawping at one of these carriages in a museum and started to feel a bit old.

    Remember this concourse in the Passenger Building very well:

    And that early luggage carousel!

    These books are from the Pitkin Pride of Britain series which usually covered cathedrals, stately homes and the Royal family:

    Their 1950s catalogue is listed on the back of the Viscount cover book. 'Two Shillings & Sixpence' (2/6 or 'Half a Crown') was 12 and a half New Pence after decimalisation in 1971. That's about 15 Cents US, or 30 Cents Euro today, but it had much greater value then when I got two shillings/10p a week pocket money.
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    Sad article in today's Times, Ralf, about the demise of the wagon-lit. It seems the only people operating them nowadays are the Russians, Americans and a couple of routes here in the UK. Even the Orient Express is no more....

    Was on the Viscount often on the Edinburgh-London route, followed by the Vanguard, another comfortable plane to fly in.

    Flew in the VC-10 to Johannesburg in 1970 - much preferred the Boeings !

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    A good book

    I have finished to read a really good book: Duel of Eagles by Peter Townsend. The book is about the Battle of Britain and how the RAF won it, from the first Hurricanes to the Chain Home radars, it talks about the everyday heroism of those aviators that fought for the freedom of their country. The narration of what happens in UK is mixed with the narration of what happened in nazi Germany, from the first clandestine Luftwaffe in Russia to the attack of Poland and France, until the first defeat in the skies of Britain.

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    Shot down by Royal family

    Group Captain Peter Townsend himself a Battle of Britain pilot, but unfortunately most famous for his 1950s affair with Princess Margaret. This was well-known at the time, but it was made clear that she could not marry someone who was divorced (even if he was a war hero). Townsend went to live in France and poor Margaret had to make do with Lord Snowden who, somewhat ironically, she later separated from. In France in the '70s I saw Townsend on TV telling his disbelieving son, both speaking fluent French, that he really had been a pilot in the Battle of Britain! I once saw poor Princess Margaret in the back of a limo coming out of Kensington Palace. I was quite a long way away and tried to make out which Royal person it might be (Diana was still there at the time). Realised it must be Margaret because she had a cigarette in a long holder. Townsend was older than her and died a few years before.

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    If you are interested in stories about WW2 then I can highly recommend "A real good war" by Sam Halpert.

    It's an autobiographical novel based on his experiences flying a B-17 over Germany, written at the age of 77!

    Sam Halpert flew 35 missions over Germany as a navigator.

    This is the story of the making of a B-17 crew, from basic training in the US through to the real thing, taking off before dawn, and flying through enemy flak and fighters in broad daylight to their targets - Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin.
    Bravado, humour, camaraderie, raw and vivid language protect the rookie airmen from the danger and death all around them.

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    Was following a 1932 Jane's AWA that came up on UK Ebay - price was looking reasonable - until the very end. It went for £164.

    I was beginning to worry that book values were declining in the light of electronic archiving. It would appear not ! £164 - that'll nearly buy you dinner in London.......

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    Great 1930s Book

    Just picked this up for £1.50 (!) at a recent village booksale:

    Still experimenting with Windows 10 and Gimp (with fond memories of Windows xp and PictureIt 2001, but hope to show more of this lovely book over the weekend if anyone's interested. You can no doubt start by easily i/ding the cover image..?
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    Had to buy this one; not just is he the singer of my all-time favourite band, the man also is type-rated on the 737,747 and 757, and owns a Bucker Jungman and a Fokker Dr1 which he flies during displays.
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    Tanker Pilot by Mark Hasara really is outstanding. Highly Recommended!
    ISBN 978-5011-8166-5

    From a veteran air-refueling expert who flew missions for over two decades during the Cold War, Afghan War, and Iraq War comes a thrilling eyewitness account of modern warfare, with inspirational stories and moral lessons for people on the battlefield, in boardrooms, and in their everyday lives.

    Get a glimpse of life in the pilot’s seat and experience modern air warfare directly from a true American hero. Lt. Col Mark Hasara—who has twenty-four years experience in flying missions around the world—provides keen and eye-opening insights on success, failure, and emphasizes the importance of always being willing to learn.

    He provides twelve essential lessons based on his wartime experience and his own personal photographs from his missions during the Cold War, Gulf War, and Iraq War.
    US Army, Major, Ret.

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    On The Line,
    On Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorMagee View Post
    Tanker Pilot by Mark Hasara really is outstanding. Highly Recommended!
    ISBN 978-5011-8166-5

    Funny, I was just looking at that book the other day and wondered about checking it out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferry_vO View Post
    Had to buy this one; not just is he the singer of my all-time favourite band, the man also is type-rated on the 737,747 and 757, and owns a Bucker Jungman and a Fokker Dr1 which he flies during displays.

    Bought the audio book

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    Just finished the Kindle edition of this one. It’s pretty good. The author, Scott Gloodt, flew "18s" for freight outfits in the US mid-west during the 1970s and 1980s. He says he was inspired by Gann to write his book. Can’t go wrong there. It’s basically a collection of stories about what it was like to fly in a time before GPS, iPads, glass cockpits and all that, in a business where you had to do whatever it took to get the freight to its destination, in every type of weather, season, and time of day. The stories read very much like the tales of the SOH's own Flight-19 adventures… Very interesting and entertaining read. I believe 93.5 percent of the "sea-stories" contained within the pages!

    - Paul

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    My brother has just returned from a nostalgic trip to Milan and Como, where he spent a lot of time in the Sixties. He sent me this lovely book - a story about the restoration of a Caproni 100 and of the Como Aero Club's history.

    It even mentions the Super Cub floatplane in which I was once taken for a flight around the lake - unforgettable !
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    Most of what I've been reading the past few years have been for research for aircraft textures for FS. With that in mind, the latest is "Sikorsky S-43/JRS-1 Amphibian" by Steve Ginter. There's several liveries in it that I'd never seen pictured before, along with lots of good info on the histories of the individual aircraft along with some pretty obscure airlines that flew them like Iloilo Negros Air Express of the pre-war Phillipines. The fly in the ointment for a painter is that the pictures are all black and white so a lot of "educated guesses" have to be made about colors. I'm still pondering a few of them.

    Also a lot of Jeep manuals as well...
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    Finally I got around to buying a copy of this book before it went OOP.

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