Carrier cat and trap recording and later playback
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Thread: Carrier cat and trap recording and later playback

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    Carrier cat and trap recording and later playback

    This procedure allows one to record a cat launch and trap, exit FSX, and play the same recorded flight later with the carrier properly positioned.

    It is not particularly straightforward, but with a little effort it can be done.

    First fly your plane over water at your desired location and at about 300 ft. altitude. Press the SLEW key.

    Next activate a static carrier via aircarriers2.

    Place the carrier at your aircrafts "user position" via the aircarrier2 menu.

    Use the f1 key to drop the plane to the carrier deck. The plane may drop below the surface, or even to sea level. Do not move the plane horizontally.

    If the plane drops to sea level, slew upward, f3 key, just over the deck and halt, f2 key.

    Lower the plane, f1, until plane is visible above deck (partially or wholly). Repeat if necessary.

    Press park brake sequence to prevent horizontal motion, then exit slew to raise the bottom of the plane's wheels to deck level. Reset slew mode.

    Save this as an FSX flight.

    Use SLEW mode to position your plane accurately on the carrier for cat takeoff. Test this by using the shift U and shift I to raise the barrier.

    Save the flight again with a different name while still in SLEW mode.

    Start fsrecorder, exit SLEW mode, release the brake and initiate a cat takeoff and fly to return for a trap.

    After the trap, save the recording and give it a name.

    At this point you can repeat the flight via the recorder.

    HOWEVER, if you want to easily play the recording at a later FSX session and have it positioned properly on the carrier do the following:

    At a new FSX session activate the first saved FSX flight.

    Start aircarriers2 and activate the same static carrier at the planes "user position".

    Activate the second FSX flight you saved. It should place the plane in the exact position for launch.

    Start the recorder for playback and set the previously recorded flight name, and intitiate the playback.

    The plane should appear to launch and trap at the same locations on the carrier as when the recording was made.

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    That is pretty much what I do. I simply record the flight in FS Recorder, play it back and capture with Fraps. Here are some results

    Iris F-14A Pro Landing
    Dino's F-14D Landing
    And taxiing to the cat, and taking off in the Iris F-14A Pro (notice all the animations still work, flags still blow in the wind, vehicles still move, radars keep turning)

    Regards, Diego

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    Amazing videos!!!! Thanks

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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the tip, When you do a Playback on the carrier in this way can the carrier being moving and is it a one time shot or can ye loop her.

    I do similar technic but using the mission SDK, gives me control of the AI, I can determine when the AI rolls to a certain Cat and when it stops also I can loop the Flights, the only drawback is the Carrier need to be stationary. But it is a Hoot to have traffic on the Carrier and listening to the Tower communicate to the AI and the User.

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    Thanks for the explanation. You definitely have more patience than I do. If I understand correctly, this would all be so I could do a playback of a carrier trap? Would this allow me to select it as a flight then?


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    Ergo: The mission seems a better way and looping is a definite advantage. The method I described does allow to load the sequence at a later date, but looping is not an option. Once set up, the playback must be restarted for another playback by restarting via fsrecord. Yes the carrier must be stationary in this method too. I need to look into missions. Perhaps you can detail how you do it.


    Well, I don't know about patience, let's just call it stubborn determination.

    This method was designed to replay the catapult launch, the flight back to the carrier and the trap.

    Once you have saved the two flights and the recording, at a later time you must start the first flight, start aircarriers and position the same carrier at the planes location, start the second saved flight, then run the saved recording. Not all that easy or hard, but it does work. Once this is done you can replay as often as you want until you exit FSX or begin a different flight.

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    The alternative method I use does allow for the ship to be moving.
    You need the carrier on an AI route, save your flight in the vicinity of the carrier, e.g. on the deck or overflying it.
    Also pause the flight before saving, it helps later on.
    When you want to start recording, load your flight and then start FSRecorder.
    Unpause the game and do your flying.
    When you're ready for playback, reload the flight, this will reposition the carrier, and any other AI shipping, back where it was at the start of the recording, because the time will have been reset.
    Unpause the game and record with FRAPS as needed.
    The pausing the flight before you save it helps eliminate any time difference between the time of day the recording is started and the playback is started which influences where the ship is.
    The only problem with this method is that the JBD won't operate in playback and you'll have to manually raise and lower the tailhook. The former I just record with FRAPS live and the later I just have to remember to press shift+q at the right time!

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    Hi Jim,

    I just start of in Free Flight like you , use the Explorer to place me carrier somewhere in the Ocean, once carrier on the Water, go into Slew mode, put myself on the Carrier, Save me flight. Open up the Mission SDK, Overlay the Carrier that I just put in the water with a Mission Carrier object, and Viola, I have my carrier postioned in same spot as the Saved flight Carrier.

    Now, you just go into you saved flights and start recording flight taking off and landing in free flight, move these to your mission directory, then start using Trigger logic and area rectangles to loop your logic,

    example, Timer starts fsr for f141 when f141 leaves deck, start fsr of f142, when f142 leaves deck start fsr of f143, or you can time them when making the FSR and have them in a clusters, where they come and go and can run into each other, or create some exciting moments.

    example of this technic is in a Vid I just posted in Dino f-14 thread, using the F-14 and Javier's Carrier.

    Cheers, I'm going to try Skippybings method, look cool.

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