Can you change aircraft starting position on airfield?
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Thread: Can you change aircraft starting position on airfield?

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    Can you change aircraft starting position on airfield?

    I have loaded corpsegrinder's Scramble at Dover and Scramble at Kenley missions into Era 2 "What If". IN mission builder I have an 8 aircraft player flight taking off from RAF Hawkinge (Dover mission) or RAF Kenley (Kenley mission).

    However when I start either mission I don't have the full 8 in the player flight. I believe that as the aircraft start near the edge of the airfield this is causing the player take off flight to only have 5 or six planes. Is there any way to fix this (apart from changing it to an air start - which I have tried and noted that all 8 aircraft appear)


    ps. in the Kenley mission using a takeoff start I notice that instead of the planes starting up and heading straight down the runway, the planes start, turn about 45 degrees to the right and then takeoff - strange indeed

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    The answer is yes, but I'm not sure how. But someone will know as is usually the case around here.


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    some additional info (if it helps) - the player aircraft is at the rear of the flight in both missions

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    Start position

    Yes, you can. You need to go into the facility file and view the start position on the runway. I changed all the start positions for my 2 and 3 lane runways to give bombers and other planes the maximum takeoff distance. It was tedious work but rewarding. You could adjust it to be in front of hangers, by blast pens, or roadways leading up to the main runway.

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