Trim issues?
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Thread: Trim issues?

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    Trim issues?

    I was curious if anyone has encountered this and (potentially) knows how to fix it: ALL of my aircraft seem to exhibit the same behavior. They reluctantly rotate, and then if I ease up on the backpressure they dive for the ground, unless I add TONS of back-elevator trim. Happens with all of my aircraft, not just one or two....And just to clarify, my X-52 Pro setup has been calibrated many times over and seems fine. Is there a 'zero point' for FS trim? If so, where do I find it? In the FS9 config? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Is it possible your AutoPilot is on?

    Or, are you starting from a saved flight, a flight you saved right after landing or taking off with AP on?

    Try reverting to the FS default plane startup and see if that fixes it.

    Otherwise start the sim, Create a New Flight with a Default Cessna, ensure trim is zeroed and AP is OFF, then save the flight at your favorite location.

    Close the sim and restart to see if your problem is solved.
    Milton Shupe
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    Thanks, Milton. No autopilot or saved flight....but I will try your recommendation and see what happens....

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    Also calibrate the control unit...

    Cheers: Tom

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    I had a very similar experience with the CS C-130, which refused to turn right - turned out to be controller calibration. Try recalibrating... but before that:
    I was flying the Carenado Moonie M20 over VOZ a day or two ago and noticed that it would nosedive when the ap was turned off for descent. Checked the aircraft on the ground by pressing slew key - the aeroplane shot forward at a great rate of knots! Recentred the manual trim wheels on my CH Pro stick, problem solved...


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    I will look at those too! Thanks, guys!

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    On the joystick there are some rotating internal knobs. There is a slight indent in the center. It should help you. There are 2 of these and one is for the rudder and the other is for the elevator control. It sounds like you have the vertical one turned all the way down and it is diving on you. You can also set one of the switch controls to operate the trim and that may help you set it up. Use either the function for setting switches in the sim or the program that comes with the stick to set it up.

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    Depending on the aircraft in question, one can zoom in (external view) and examine the position of the trim tabs if trim tab movement is modeled. A faired trim tab should get you in the ball park for most situations.

    If the issue persists I suggest aquiring the small free application, AFSD by Herve Sors and you can directly read CG and trim positions.

    Cheers: Tom

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    Ok tried all of the above no avail. I currently have my trim controls set up on the stick for up and down trim. It seems odd though that I have to dial in ten presses to get 'zero' trim; I am looking into the AFSD now and we will see what happens.....

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    Pre-takeoff do you set takeoff trim for your aircraft? Failure to do that (ie trimmed down too far) will result in the issues you describe, to some degree anyway. Check your trim gauge and look for the takeoff position which is usually indicated on the gauge.


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