Another new Bear Bomber?
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Thread: Another new Bear Bomber?

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    Another new Bear Bomber?

    New! Tupolev Tu-95 Bear and Tu-142 Bear F

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    File Description:
    Cold war emblem, Tu-95 Bear is still in service for decades. This world's fastest turboprop is declined in many variants. Here we present the modern ones - Tu-95MS strategic bomber and Tu-142M maritime patrol. Detailed visual model, authentic sounds and a complex russian-language panel without instructions (it's still in service hence it's secret). By Samdim Design group - Dimitri Samborski, Nikolai Samsonov, Peter. Good luck !

    Filename:sd_tu95_tu142.zipLicense:FreewareAdded:18th October 2008Downloads:17Author:Dimitri SamborskiSize:52430kb

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    No VC but some very nice 2D views.


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    and the props are rotating correctly on this one......very nice model

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    OOOOHHHHH thanks for the HU on this one.


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    I'm happy they have the counter-rotating prop right, but do wish there were a VC. Excellent exterior textures and sound.


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    Yes, no VC but the sounds more than make up for that, nice panels and the exterior is brilliant! Nice find here - Mike :ernae:

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    Thanks for the Hu. I smell a bear in Cuba.

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    I don't fly the "Big Iron" much, but I think I'm going to keep this one. Thanks for the H/U...:ernae:

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    ......I wonder if one has to stuff cotton in his ears before flying this baby. From what I've read about the Tu-95 Bear, the sound from the monster engines was deafening. Even the SAC fighter pilots 'escorting' it got stressed from the aircraft's engine and prop noise.
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    That looks to be a nicely built model.

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    y'know if you absolutely must have a vc to play in, download the Tu-126 Moss AWACS
    by the same designer here at their homepage ----->



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    It's a Samdim airplane, which (to me anyway) means it's a "must have".


    Many thanks to the guys at SamDim!!

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    Nice! Thanks for the HU!!:ernae:
    The propeller is just a big fan in front of the plane used to keep the pilot cool. When it stops, you can actually watch the pilot start sweating.

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    There's no VC because it's a freeware. A good VC requires more work than a good exterior model. Moreover, to make it functional you need a close collaboration with the panel programmer, which was not really the case. A simple VC with a good external model looks strange and even spoils the package.
    Well, many freeware comes now with excellent VCs. But I'm already involved in another payware project with an extra-complex VC and it's enough for me

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    Hi Samdim, a big thanks for the Tu142.
    There is a payware model of yours that is long awaited, the An12 series,
    Any chance of it seeing completion.


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    we just don't have enough time !
    have you heard about airsimmer ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by samdim View Post
    we just don't have enough time !
    have you heard about airsimmer ?
    No mate I haven't, please feel free to enlighten me.

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    Sounds and 2D panels are great, thanks, wonderful detail in both aircraft models and flight feels good. I really like the sound while at cruise speed.

    Very nice. Perhaps someone will add some paints, I hope.
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    Great job on this one, thanks Samdim!

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    I'll add my thanks to SamDim for a great airraft. I'm always on the lookout for Russian aircraft and this bear is by far the best around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveB View Post
    No mate I haven't, please feel free to enlighten me.
    Recheck the post - there's a link there now.

    Dimitri, I love the new model, but is there any way to stop the shaking when the fuel load is light?

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    I had a dream of beautiful BEAR and SAMDIM built it. A new "must have" after the Tu 114 which flies under the heavens of FSX. I hope this one too

    Thank you and "Chapeau bas, Messieurs!"

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    Man! Dial-up speeds for avsim today. Actually, for dial-up it would be blazing speed. I am just soooo spoiled now.

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    Dimitri, many thanks for the Bear. She flies as the name suggests as far as I can tell!

    Anyone know of a cockpit reference for this beast?

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