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    Service Announcment!

    Just as a friendly reminder folks, summers coming up and that 'usually' means warmer weather! Great for having fun, but not so great for hardware.

    Remember that now would be a good idea to open the 'ol case and giver the innards a good dusting.

    I opened my case's face plat and found a 'nice' layer of dust crap on the filter. Also if your so inclined, it would be a good idea toroute extra wriring and stuff that can get in the path fo good air flow. I removed a CD-RW drive that rarely was used. I had it as a 'backup' to my SATA DVD-RW drive.
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    Very good advice, I only put together this new box in April, cleaned it out last week, could have made a new dog from the hairs I collected from the front fan filters.

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    Good advice. I've also installed filter material (used dryer fabric softener sheets) to air entrances on my case. It doesn't stop all of the dust, but it stops at least 80% of it.:mixedsmi:
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    I do the exact same thing and have a used dryer sheet taped inside the mesh door on the front of my computer case. I change it every two weeks and it is amazing how much crud it catches. The computer certainly runs cooler for longer now.

    Make sure if you try this to ONLY use USED dryer sheets. NEVER use a new one as it will leave 'oily' deposits everywhere and you do not want that all over your computer innards.

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