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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Are those photos from the same aircraft, Kevin? The gear of the second one (and some more details) looks quite different.

    In the second picture it should be the Staig monoplane from Australia.

    Edit: Mike seems to have noticed it as well, missed his answer when changing the page.

  2. #18302
    Valid questions Gents and I wondered myself. It is possible the craft went through a couple of permutations with an engine change and reworked gear. The obvious Flight archive photo might be suspect.

    It is the Staig though so over to Robert.

    Here is the best photo of it's final form which I could not use due to easy googling. BTW- The Monoplane soldiered on until destroyed by a fire in 1941.

  3. #18303
    Interesting! The plane must have changed its appearance during its lifetime quite a lot.

    Here is a biplane of about the same vintage.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH-130.jpg  

  4. #18304
    Thought it looked Italian - that, Robert,is the Macchi M.70

  5. #18305
    For sure, Mike!

    Think those mansions in the background might have helped a bit.

    Over to Scotland

  6. #18306
    Kevin had an interesting head-on shot - here's another - a floater, natürlich.....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails floateee.jpg  

  7. #18307
    Hint time. Wright engine. A dozen or so produced (not all floaters). From the land of Moses (our one....)

  8. #18308
    I suspect Monocoupe don't know which version


  9. #18309
    Not Monocoupe, Chris. Here's another cllue -
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mmyyysssttteeerrryyy.jpg  

  10. #18310
    that looks like a damned good mystery

  11. #18311
    I knew someone would get there eventually....want to have a stab at the number, Uli ?

  12. #18312
    then I'll put my coin on no. 8 as that one is not in aerofiles

  13. #18313
    Bingo ! Howard DGA-8. Over to you.....

  14. #18314
    Thank you Milke.

    What do we have here?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails v0v0v0.jpg  

  15. #18315
    Modern replica of the 1916 White Baby White canard pusher.

  16. #18316
    I couldn't see anything, Kevin. Just a grey rectangle with the words 'Attached Image' which, when clicked on, produced nothing.

    Edit - but now the photo has appeared!

  17. #18317
    Kevin is right although I have 1912 for the year of the original

  18. #18318
    I was going by the date in Aerofiles, whether that is accurate or not.

    Continuing on with a nice tourer.

  19. #18319
    Looks rather Klemmisch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pomme homme View Post
    Looks rather Klemmisch.
    What about a BFW (Messerschmitt) M31?

  21. #18321
    Not a Klemm or Messerschmitt...

  22. #18322
    Kevin, how did you like that harp concert on the first of advent?

  23. #18323
    How did you know I like harp music?

    Uli seems to have sussed this one out. In the meantime, this was not a one-off as 25 were built in 1931/32.

    Another view.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails xx3g7.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by giruXX View Post
    Kevin, how did you like that harp concert on the first of advent?
    Hi Uli!
    I'm pretty good at charades but I can see no connection with the submitted Aircraft and a harp concert on December 2(first advent day)!

  25. #18325
    Last ditch effort, it had a Szekely radial and hailed from the Midwest USA. From a small firm.

    I will be out of pocket until late tomorrow so I hope Uli reveals if no one else has a go.

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