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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabulousfour View Post
    the Rinehart-Whelan Monoplane of 1930.
    Second appearance for this one ! (March 2015)

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    Here's my next mystery with a rather well known person
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    Well, it is a Kinner Airster circa 1921. The pilot is either Neta Snook or Amelia Earhart? (hard to tell at that distance).

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    It is Amelia

    Here is the full picture, enjoy a fresh cold beer
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    Thanks Robert.

    Let's jump ahead in time a little bit.

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    North American NA-18, methinks

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    Boom! It is the -18. A mug of suds for gX.(You fellas across the pond favor the dark ale I think?)

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    I favor India Pale Ale (IPA)

    My next offer is a wee twin
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    The wee twin is the Monocoupe Monocoach Zenith ( there's a mouthful)..

    Incidentally, India Pale Ale , certainly in Scotland, is darker in colour than most other beers !

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    [NX15433] modified into 4pClwM Zenith (with two 90hp Lambert R-266) and I agree on both topics !

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    How about this one ? - looks like the unfortunate result of a liaison between a Stork and a Cub !
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    Hi Mike
    The Merckle Kiebitz by Herman Winter. D-EJUG was built by members of the Institut für Flugzeugbau und Leichtbau an der Technischen Hochschule Carolo-Wilhelma in Braunschweig, under a contract of Merckle Flugzeugwerke KG. Known as Model 501 Kiebitz, the aircraft was also referred to as the LF-2 (LangsamFlugzeug 2 or slow flying aircraft no.2)
    Btw the LF-1 was the Zaunkönig, not unknown in the UK.

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    Chapter and verse, as ever, from Walter !

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    Thank you Mike
    Wonder why the pilot had not selected a matching shirt.
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    Some help: The aircraft was photographed over USA, but is not an indigenous design
    Not a one-off, but maybe 4 or 5 built in total.

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    This one seems quite a bit different from its original plans ...

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    Hi fabulousfour
    The first one (a 2-seater) was indeed quite different. However, at least 2 of the other machines (4-seaters) were very similar to the suspect.

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    Hint? Ask Julie Andrews.

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    Last clues: It seems I was far too pessimistic. Maybe at least 9 were actually built and flown and this does not include a Belgian example of which I am not certain it was ever completed. A Canadian example alledgedly flew in 1985, but never saw a picture of that one. The country of birth delivered at least 6 (8?) examples.

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    A rather durable mystery

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    The subjected aircraft is the American member of the Duruble RD-03 Edelweiss family (N3KS). The Edelweiss was a design of René Duruble of France and already flew (in RD-02 form) in 1962. This aircraft (F-WKVF/F-PKVF) is now in the collection of the Musée Régional de l`Air at Angers,
    Google/Yahoo "Duruble RD-03 Edelweiss" and you will find many nice pics and info on this all-metal design.

    I suggest fabulousfour continues as he clearly knew the answer!

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    Thanks, wout!

    Could you please explain the hint with Julie Andrews, I didn't unterstand that.

    This one shouldn't be too difficult.
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    Julie Andrews, Sound of Music, Edelweiss

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabulousfour View Post
    Thanks, wout!

    Could you please explain the hint with Julie Andrews, I didn't unterstand that.

    This one shouldn't be too difficult.
    Maybe SNCAC NC410
    Carlo (BG)

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    Sorry, this kite has a real "name" for its designation and not some odd kind of abbreviation

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