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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

  1. #18676
    Thank you, Mike.

    Here's one that shouldn't be too hard so long as you note the feature that doesn't seem to have been widely recorded photographically.

  2. #18677
    I take it, Mike, you mean the front end ??

    Apparently one MH.52 was powered by a Mathis 7-cyl radial with three-blade prop ?

  3. #18678
    Exactly. I know of only three photos of the MH.52 with the singularly unsuccessful Mathis radial upfront. But enough of this gallic intrigue. Let's go over to Ecosse for the next mystery.

  4. #18679
    Which, obviously, did not originate in Ecosse!
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  5. #18680
    I thought this would have been away long before now. The headgear of the chaps on the right should surely indicate which country is involved ?

  6. #18681
    The horizontal tail looks like the Blanchard/Farman in an earlier post. I couldn't find anything like it in my French info.


  7. #18682
    You are on the right track, Chris.

    It will not surprise anyone to learn that it has at least two designations, and that, according to one's source, there were either one or two constructed !

    An unsuccessful competition aircraft.
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  8. #18683
    I think one designation is
    Blanchard BB-1

  9. #18684
    At last ! Yes, aka the Blanchard-Blériot C.1 in some sources, although I think the BB.1 is correct.

    It was supposedly based on a 'French fighter type', but I'm struggling to find out which one ! (Does anyone have any information on the Blériot 101 ?)

    Over to you, Uli (with a half-pint for Chris who got Blanchard..)

  10. #18685
    In the book “L’envol du XXe siècle” (DOCAVIA) there is a small paragraph on the 101 (as a predecessor of the 118). It had 2 engines. Your two Blanchard C1 are also mentioned.

    On with this:
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  11. #18686

  12. #18687
    that's the turkey, Chris!

  13. #18688
    Should be a easy one as another of same mfg was on here.

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  14. #18689
    Yes, it is very distinctive, the Fernic T-10. George Fernic lost his life piloting this machine.

    The larger T-9 was one I have been mildly fascinated with over the years.

  15. #18690
    Yes I knew wouldn't last long over to you.


  16. #18691
    This one has two wings as well, just not in tandem arrangement.

  17. #18692
    Would that be the Travel Air 'Ted Wells Special' ?

  18. #18693
    Not a Travel Air Mike. This one was several years earlier than that.
    Last edited by Moses03; February 16th, 2019 at 02:41.

  19. #18694
    I think this is the Hartzell FC-2.

  20. #18695
    That is the one Robert. (My next clue was going to be it was built by a company more known for designing props).

  21. #18696
    Thanks, Kevin!

    Staying with biplanes.
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  22. #18697
    Too difficult or too easy?

    Quite a few of this trainer were built, used from the Air Force as well as from the Navy in its country.

  23. #18698
    From Europe, the insignia bear the colours red, blue and white (not necessarily in this order).

  24. #18699

  25. #18700
    Finally, it is the Romano.
    Hadn't thought that this bird would last so long.

    Over to you, Green.

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