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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    vous n'avez pas tort, Monsieur!

    It's a Letord 2 and the thing in the nose is a Gaumont F120 camera.

    over to Scotland

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    Thanks Uli. Here's a monowheel -
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    hi Mike
    Is this the Kuzakov MAK-15M?

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    That's it, Walter - a night-prowler too eh ?

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    Thanks Mike. Staying up late (every now and then) helps me gettting to sleep.
    Next challenge is a small twin boom pusher.
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    I'm going with the Teledyne Ryan 410.

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    hi Kevin
    Only is you call it the TRA 410 (Teledyne-Ryan Aircraft)

    Your turn, please

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    Thanks Walter.

    This grainy flying boat has push-pull engines in a pod above the wing except you can't see the pusher side from this angle.

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