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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Welcome back, Mike.
    Hopefully you have preserved some warmth for winter.

    The mystery is the Short Shrimp (would have given a nice clue ).

    The stage is yours

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    Sorry,fellows,having a bit of a problem. The village is now in ths middle of its SEVENTH power cut of the day ! Can do or see nothing - I am going out. Better have OH.

    Sent from my phone...

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    Glad to report that we are back in the world again (after TEN power cuts.....)

    Here's a two-seater to carry on with -
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    At last, can get in with a hint (whether it will post or not is another matter....)

    This one is European, 1918, Argus engine, prototype only, intended for military use.

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    From a landlocked country....

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    Just a WAG but tail looks "Skoda" but my reference on their products doesn't have anything like this.


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    From the country of chocolate and watches

    It is the SWS C-1.

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    ..and lovely Gruyère, Robert ! You cracked it -

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    That biplane was a tough nut, Mike.

    Here is something more modern.
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    Sai kz-ii?

    [sorry - I'm typing upper case but the website seems to be turning it into lower case and I seem unable to do anything about that]

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    It is the SAI KZ.II in its Sport variant.

    Over to you, Mike

    No problem here with the typing.

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    His keyboard's gone on strike, Robert. It happens in France..........

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    Maybe Friday the 13th

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    Well, let's see what happens on the fourteenth! Here's something that seems to be a debutante here but which shouldn't tax you for too long.

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    My money is on the Caudron C240.

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    Then your money would be safe, Kevin. It is the Caudron C.240. Next stop Texas!

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    Good to know Mike.

    Onward with a larger craft.

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    The Friesley Falcon, methinks

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    It is!

    Shame it never went into production. Was a solid design with a good track record. They sold it to China where it faded from history.

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    on with something smaller
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    From Eastern Europe. Quite successful. It flew for five years.

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    I think this is the Sveti Dorde (Djordje?) from Yugoslavia

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    That's the bird, Robert!

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    Back to biplanes again.
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    That, sir, is the sole Paraguayan Savoia S.52

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