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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    How about this one?

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    It is in Aerofiles, and from a well known company.

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    Biplane Company has been on here before

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    Struggling with this one, Chris. It looks American. Similar to Standard E-1. I am on the right track ?

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    It's from the land of completely confusing designations. Not in Aerofiles.


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    It is the Descamps 27. New one to me.

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    Thank you Chris. Now here's a twin which is interesting..
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    Mike getting pushy there with an AAC 44.

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    Well I have it as the King's Angel, but, whatever it was, Kevin shot it down !

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    Thanks Mike.

    An airliner at a dusty field...

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    Aero A.35 methinks

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    Done and done. Uli.

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    next should be easy
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    Evidently not so easy, Uli! Oddly, it looks like a radial engined version of the Wicko Windsor - which, as the Windsor was never built, it isn't!

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    wrong country, sadly

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    So it's probably from the good old US of A where someone's stuck a canopy on a Ryan ST?

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    That’s almost exactly what I wanted to hear
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    Thank you, Uli. Jets rarely feature here. Here's a little one.

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    Hi pomme homme
    My guess: The Rafale by Pierre Calvel.?
    But......the only photos I have seen sofar, depict her with a T-tail, so doubt is seeping in.

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    Sorry, Walter, that doesn't tie in with any of the information that I have on this little bird - other than the constructor's forename. If she survives today, she'll be celebrating the the big three zero. And what gave her 'omph' was a Turboméca Palas.

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    Hi pomme homme
    You clou on the Palas engkine helped me!. The Cavasillas CJJ-01 (CJ200?) F-WCZD
    Please see attached photo of the Calvel Rafale, reason for my doubt/hesitation/uncertainty. I never found info that the Rafale was actually flown or that a registration was issued.
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