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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

  1. #20451
    What, no pithy comment from Lefty about this home built being covered with tin foil?

  2. #20452

  3. #20453
    Thank you, Uli. You've re-established my belief in my own grey matter!

  4. #20454
    Hi giruXX
    Is part of your grey matter on the market for a transplant? Seems I can use some.
    My database has become unstable and since I cannot blame myself, I must find someone else take the blame.
    Am busy restructuring my PC, so for while I am now back to collecting expensive cars, till all is solved.
    Of course it is the Neumann N-2.

    May I invite you for the next one

  5. #20455
    And Kevin, was my comment at the time pithy enough ???

  6. #20456
    Pithy indeed from you and Rob!

  7. #20457
    To activate your grey matters further. The other picture is no longer here in this thread.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 0d0d0d.jpg  

  8. #20458
    Uli, that is the Klemm 35 D-EDEX modified by Wolf Hirth.
    Still airworthy if I remember correctly.

  9. #20459
    correct in all accounts, over to fab4

  10. #20460
    Here we go with similar aircraft of about the same era.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH-212.jpg  

  11. #20461
    Is that the De Bruyne Snark?

  12. #20462
    Your eyes didn't fool you, Mike.

    It is the De Bruyne Snark.

  13. #20463
    Thank you, Robert. What did cause me to hesitate is that never before have I seen a photograph of the Snark flying. Can you reveal its source?

    I'll try to find something entertaining to follow on before the afternoon is out.

  14. #20464
    Mike, source of the photo is "Aeroplane" from June 2001.
    In that issue an extract of the biography of Sir Peter Masefield, the later owner of the Snark, is printed.

  15. #20465
    Thank you, Robert. Here's something a little more modern and a little less conventional to be going on with ..... !

  16. #20466
    Hi pomme homme
    The AM-1 Pulsar by André Mirouze. I understand she was sometimes referred to as the Pulsar 1, because Mr. Mirouze later built a Mirouze 2.
    Reportedly briefly tested in 1974, but I could not find a F-W... or F-P.... registration (maybe never assigned?)

  17. #20467
    Correct in all respects, Walter. This geodetric masterpiece is the Mirouze AM.1 Pulsar.

    I haven't come across a F-W or a F-P registration for the first Pulsar (pictured) which, having regard to what I say below, might not be altogether surprising. But the second is said to have carried the marks F-WTXF although doesn't seem to have migrated to the CNRA register.

    Some sources talk about the Pulsar undergoing a test flight. Another suggests that this might be rather rich. That source says that it was overweight but in 1977 made a high speed run, without unsticking, and then leapt into the air, only to fall back almost immediately with sufficient force to collapse its undercarriage and damage itself beyond repair. However I have to wonder whether this account might relate to the second Pulsar as the first was completed in September 1974 and it seems unlikely to have waited three years to make its first attempt to fly.

    Now if you can drag yourself away from acquiring expensive motor cars, perhaps you'll offer us the next challenge.

  18. #20468
    Hi pomme homme
    Thank you for the info. I may add the following. F-WTXF is described (in FoxPapa)m as the Drezet-Mirouge MD-1 with a first flight (PB) in 1973. She is a small biplane that also appears in l`Avions Francais 1965-1980 on page 119. Another biplane by Drezet is on page 100.
    As to the AM-1 Pulsar I have as "date of first flight" 11 November 1974. The aircraft later joined the collection of the now closed RSA-Museum at Brienne-le-Chateau and it seems she has disappeared since.
    Finally a photo of the Pulsar 2, reportedly completed in 1984. No F-.... known to me. Can it be that this was basically a ULM (did that class already exist in France in that time?)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mirouze Pulsar 2.jpg  

  19. #20469
    To stick to the delta wing theme. From a country which obviously has snowfall.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails quiz delta in the snow.jpg  

  20. #20470
    Continental C90 engine. First flown winter 1964/65. Reportedly only briefly tested as builder was not happy with flight characteristics.

  21. #20471
    The mystery plane is the Delta Wing by Cecil Goddard from Saskatchewan, Canada.
    Registration was CF-VCW.

    OH please

  22. #20472
    Oops went the monoplane...

  23. #20473
    The S.E.T.C.A. LLP Petrel, perhaps?

  24. #20474
    Easy peasy! 🍺

    Over to Germany.

  25. #20475
    let's try this:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 0e0e0e.jpg  

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