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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Jim wins by a neck - but it seems that Chris is already off and running in the next race!

    Curiously, Farnborough's 1917 Aerial Target did have a person in it:

    One example was later converted to a manned aeroplane by No 3 (Western) Aircraft Depot at Bristol, and was fitted with a wheeled undercarriage and ailerons. As a rebuilt aircraft it was allotted a serial number from a batch allocated for that purpose. It received the number B8962, with numerals similar to those of its original, uncertain identity, and this has caused much ill-founded conjecture among latter-day historians. By 1934 it had been disposed of, and was owned by Mr Ron Shelley of Billericay, but it was broken up without appearing on the civil register.
    The Royal Aircraft Factory (P.Hare, Putnam 1990)

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    Bell Aerospace Flying Seat of 1965.

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    I had a hard time finding anything about it. It is Bell I have a H73 on the id for the pix I don't know if that's associated with it or not.

    Over to you.


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    It's not listed in the Bell/Putnam book either. NASA had a hand in it so maybe there is another designation there?

    On with a nifty twin tail tourer.

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    Looks French.
    At secretprojects I found a drawing of an aircraft which shows some similarities but also differences.

    Could this be the Lauwick/Mourlot FM.60?

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    France is a good place to start but it's not the FM.60 Robert. This one had retractable gear. From 1946.

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    Maybe the Air-Sud-Ouest 1070 Griffon?

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    Not the 1070.

    Powered by Gipsy Major 10. The company produced a variety of aircraft.

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    Max Holste MH.52G at the 1946 Paris Salon.

    Edit: On reflection, I'm not now so sure. I think that I've found the photograph, taken at the 1946 Salon, which was cropped to produce the image at post #23804, which shows this aeroplane on the same stand as the SNCASO SO.90 Corse and the MH.52 on another, adjacent stand. But assuming its not the MH.52, but a SNCASO product, I've not yet found anything from that company, from around that period, which matches what I can see in the image posted.

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    I think that what I've assumed to be the SNCASO SO.90 is, in fact, the SIPA S.70 and, if so, it would be logical for the aeroplane in the image posted to be the SIPA S.20. The trouble is that, so far, I've found only drawings, rather than photographs, of the two.

    Edit: found it at (post#2).

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    For reference, Mike, here's the MH.52
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MH52.jpg  

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    Didn't realize there were so many twin tailed, single engine touring French monoplanes from this era.

    Mike has it with the SIPA S.20.
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    Thank you, Kevin. I apologise for pursuing such a convoluted route to get to the S.20.

    Here's something which, according to my search, has not appeared here before. It might be considered somewhat deceptive.

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    I think this is the CFA D.7, the modernized version of the Salmson Cricri.

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    Well done, Robert.

    Yes, it's the post-war Cri-cri Major - with the 'greenhouse' cockpit glazing!

    The ball's now in the German court.

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    Thanks, Mike.

    Here is a vintage aircraft surprisingly on a colored photo.
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    The photo is not as old as the aircraft that's one reason why it is coloured. The hangars in the background are Old Warden & the aircraft is a 1910 Deperdussin.
    If correct Open House as have nowt in reserve - sorry.

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    It is not a Deperdussin but you are probably right that the background is Old Warden.

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    Blackburn Monoplane No. 1 ?

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    Good enough for me, it is the Blackburn Type D from 1912.
    Hard to believe that the original is still existent and even flying on some occasions.

    Over to you.

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    Thanks ! How 'bout this flying glasshouse ....
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    Pompey's finest, the Portsmouth Aerocar Major G-AGTG.

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    That's the bird - over to you !

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    Thank you, Jim. Here's a photograph that appears to have come out of the family album!

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    ..... before someone tells me - yes, this one has been here before, but not for some years and then with a different image.

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