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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Now, at least two forumites seem to know already this last aircraft of a famous manufacturer

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    Okay: Morane-Saulnier MS.1500 Epervier

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    It is the Morane-Saulnier MS.1500 Epervier, the last aircraft from a famous line.

    Over to you, Uli

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    Considering the current lull here, I wonder if I should bring this pigeon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabulousfour View Post
    Now, at least two forumites seem to know already this last aircraft of a famous manufacturer
    Whilst not aspiring to pedantry, is not the Rallye (first flight 10 June 1959) rather than the Epervier (first flight 12 May 1958) the last of the Morane-Saulnier line?

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    I should have checked that, Mike.
    I relied on a quote at wikipedia which says that the Epervier was the last design.

    Ce fut le dernier avion de la fameuse lignée M.S

    Sorry for that.

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    Pas de problème, Robert.

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    In the meantime, who's going to tell us about Uli's Taube with its wings clipped ???? Is it the Gotha model ?

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    not from Germany

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    I chuckled, when I read the following on wikipedia:

    Due to the lack of licence fees, 14 companies built a large number of variations of the initial design [of the Taube], making it difficult for historians to determine the exact manufacturer based on historical photographs.

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    Our manufacturer is not among those listed in the wiki.
    Up front is a three-cylinder Anzani.

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    here is a CAD reconstruction of the plane that better illustrates its differences to the Taube design
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    Er ....... Blackburn Monoplane ?

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    from Serbia!

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    there is a direct track (with image) in an old Jane's

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    Found all that and more - there seems to be some debate about who made it, what it is called, and where it comes from ! (Serbia - or Hungary ??? or what the ancient Jane's refers to as 'Servia ?)

    I'm going to be away today and have nothing prepared, so I'll leave it to someone else to sort out.

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    From: via google.translate:

    The plane, Merćep - Komitski, was delivered at the beginning of May 1912, when Merćep, his pilot and two assistants assembled it in Banjica, where a public flight was scheduled. As there was great interest in the first Serbian plane, many Belgraders gathered at the airport. Then there was a misunderstanding, because Mercep's pilot Dragutin Novak for some reason refused to take off. In order not to disappoint the audience, Stojadinović, who had never flown a plane before, got on the plane, ordered the engine to start and started rolling uncontrollably on the meadow. He managed to avoid the tribune with the audience, knocked down the cinematographer, avoided the acacia and the hangar and rushed into the stream. On that occasion, the plane was slightly damaged, so it was placed in a hangar in Banjica. Over time, the roof structure of the hangar gave way and destroyed Mercep's plane.

    Open House

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    This aircraft has something in common with the last entry. Not the same country.

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    The Alfaro 1 - the first 'plane made in Spain ....

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    Over to Jim. Next one should last longer.


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    I suspect this is in fact the Alfaro 2.

    The Alfaro 1 was a glider (even if the Breguet challenge quizz maker thinks otherwise, and if thoughtlessly repeats it).

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    ....... I stand corrected over to Dan

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    Since dan seems to be away after 48hrs, declaring open house.

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    Thanks, Jim. And apologies for the delay, I didn't expect to be given the baton since you had the answer 99% right.

    Here is a feeble attempt at keeping the thread going: (I can't post images to the site, the interface is all void)

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    where this is a will there is a way


    Here's the pix
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