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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    I got the right aircraft don't know where I came up with Nanyuan?

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    Here's an easy one but is it coming or going?

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    Is that the handiwork of a jolly prankster, who has painted the rear clamshell doors to replicate the forward cockpit glazing? Either that or was there an occasion when the workers on the SNCAN assembly line had just one too many pastis before clocking on ..... !

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    A backup cockpit?
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    unfortunately I don't do French. The caption the I found with the pix said it was 1956 and to replace a for a damaged aircraft in algeria.

    Over to you.


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    And now for something completely different.

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    This company produced a large amount of aircraft in a very short late 1920's to early 1930's window. It was a modified version of a 1928 design.

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    Keystone K-47 Pathfinder, me thinks

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    a racy bipe!
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    Racy, I can see: it even has the paint stripes to improve speed.
    But bipe ? how so?

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    Ooh, a parasol. My fault

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    from the land of unlimited opportunities

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    Ah, so it's not English.

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    not from Europe

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    I miss Walter's skill of picking off these types right away.

    Aerofiles troll...

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    You are right, Walter would have nailed down this in an instant.

    A homebuilt from 2011, the sixth construction of the designer.

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    Something really historic for you!
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    SAML S.2 (Aviatik B.I) from North Yemen


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    You got her, Chris

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    A one of not US

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    Indonesian LIPNUR / Nurtanio NU-200 Sikumbang ?

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    Vietnamese HL-2


    Open House

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