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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    A European one-off, first flight in the early 1930ies.

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    That tail...

    BFW M.31 methinks.

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    It is the one and only BFW M.31

    Over to you, Kevin

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    Thanks Robert.

    Here is a strange bird to consider. (No need to bother with Aerofiles!)

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    Are you sure that it isn't a prop from Stingray?

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    It looks Heinkel but did it fly? Looks like a mock up


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    About three were built around 1946. Powered by a small ramjet (similar to a V-1). Not German. Info is hard to find so not sure of flying status.

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    The closest I can get is the Skoda-Kauba SK P.14, but the tail surfaces of that are markedly different and only two seemingly were produced.

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    It's a French design Mike.

    Edit: One built, not three. Got it mixed up with a younger sibling.
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    Evidently it's not the Triton, so I'm looking forward to my knowledge being enhanced.

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    From a well-known company.

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    Well, that seems to exclude the possibility of it having anything to do with René Leduc.

    I appreciate that it will appear to be a stupid question but am I correct to assume that the machine depicted was designed to be a manned aircraft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    ...Edit: One built, not three. Got it mixed up with a younger sibling.
    I suspect that the younger sibling built three times refers to the SNCASO Triton, so this mystery could be a product of SNCASO, but that's all.
    Travelled through secretprojects without result...

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    This is the SNCAC NC.1100. It was radio controlled and unmanned. The sibling was the NC.1110, which was a towed target tug.

    Info is scarce. I never did find another photo or line drawing.

    Open board then.

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    Can you please, Kevin, direct me to the source of your photo and what little information there is available concerning the NC.1100. I cannot find any mention of it in 'De Hanriot à l'Aérospatiale' (Roland Narboux, 1990), which charts the history of SNCAC at Bourges, or anywhere on the internet. Curiously, in 1946 SNCAC, because of post-occupation commercial difficulties, seems to have been manufacturing more saucepans, trolleybuses, tipper carts and kitchen equipment than aircraft. So I'd be fascinated to learn why, seemingly contemporaneously, it was working on a radio controlled jet aircraft (although this seems not inappropriate, bearing in mind that the plant at Bourges subsequently gained fame for its guided missiles - including the Exocet).

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    Mike, when I get home later I will post the one source I have. It's on my desktop.

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    Thank you, Kevin. I'm much obliged.


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    Here is my source. Found it somewhere on the net.

    Any additional info would be appreciated.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Wow. What an oddball!

    The NC.1100 appears to date from a little later than indicated, the project being undertaken in 1948/49 at the request of the French Navy. It was a catapult launched, radio controlled target drone, powered by a Lorin system ramjet. It had no rudder but employed an atypical three axis control system. When the fuel was exausted, the NC.1100 was recovered by activating a two blade rotor, otherwise stowed in the fuselage, to make an autorotational landing (it says using the Dorand autogyro system - I wonder whether this suggests a connection with the SNCAC NC.2420 helicopter, which also appears to have been powered by a ramjet (see p.6 of file:///C:/Users/MIKEDA~1/AppData/Local/Temp/18374-Texte%20du%20manuscrit%20avec%20figures,%20tableau x%20et%20photos-18526-1-10-20150728.pdf)). It appears to be mentioned in Nieuport 1909-1950 (Rosenthal/Marchand/Borget/Benichou, Editions Larivière - Docavia 1984), if anyone has a copy of this, and I wonder if it might be mentioned in René Dorand 50 Ans de Giraviation (Pierre Boyer, TU 2015)?

    John, may I use your attached cutting on the secretprojects and the aéroforums websites to see if any member of those fora knows any more about this curious machine?

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    Not sure who you are referring to but you are welcome to post elsewhere.

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    Thank you, Kevin - and I apologise for calling you John!

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    As everyone else seems to be asleep, here's a little something to be going on with.

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    This is the Aerial Target - WWI experimental R/C drone

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    Thought it might be before googling........

    1917 photo of the RAE (?Royal Aircraft Factory) Aerial Target designed by Archibald Low, but IWM also reference De Havilland as designers.

    Have nothing in reserve so if correct Open House...


    P.S. Beaten to it by minutes.....must try to type faster?

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    Getting back to something with a person in it.
    How about a flying lawn chair.

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